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Semana Santa Amongst Hispanics

No description

Marquise Rogers

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Semana Santa Amongst Hispanics

What is Holy Week Holy Week is the week
before Easter.It includes
the religious holidays Palm
Sunday, Maundy Thursday,
and Good Friday.Not including
Easter Sunday, Easter starts
The new season of The Great
Fifty Days.It commerates the
last week of early life Jesus

When is Holy Week Holy Week is the final week
before Easter.The holidays
in the week include Palm
Sunday, Muanday Thursday,
and Good Friday.When Easter
comes on Sunday, it is the start of the Great Fifty Days. What is the beginning of
Holy Week What is Palm Sunday How is Palm Sunday Celebrated What are the events of Holy Week How is Holy Week celebrated in Spanish Speaking countries What is Easter The beginning of Holy Week is Palm Sunday.
Palm Sunday is represented as the day
Jesus walked into
Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is the
day that Jesus
walked into
Jerusalem. On Palm Sunday
Sacred music is played at churches.Also they're are plays and shows The events of Holy week are Palm Sunday,Muandy Thurday,and Good Friday, the day which he died on. Easter is known as the day Jesus rose from his grave. It was the third after his crucifixion.

In spanish speaking countries they wear speacial robes for processions. They also have different Holy Week holidays and celebrations.

How is Easter
celebrated in
Spanish Speaking countries In Spain Easter is called Semana
Santa. They have many rituals
Compare and contrast Palm Sunday the United States and Spanish Speaking countries Here we go to church and they carry palm trees to church
Compare and contrast Holy Week in the US and Spanish Speaking Countries

Here we have church sessions and there they have little festivals

Compare and Contrast Easter in the US and Spanish Speaking Countries Here we have big celebrations and they perform many old rituals.
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