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Physical and chemical properties

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Physical and chemical properties

Magnetic materials are attracted to magnets.
Some materials are good conductors of heat. This means heat can travel through them easily.
Some materials are good conductors of electricity. This means electricity can travel through them easily.

Waterproof materials do not let water through and do not soak up water.

Absorbent materials soak up water and let water pass through them.

Strong or weak
Strong materials are very difficult to break. Weak materials break easily.

Flexible materials are easy to bend.

Rigid materials are difficult to bend.

Hard materials are difficult to scratch.
Physical properties
Materials have different physical properties that make them useful for different jobs. Here are some properties that materials have.

Transparent or opaque
Transparent materials do let light through (you can see through them). Opaque materials do not let any light through (you cannot see through them).
To know the difference between physical and chemical propertie
To apply our knowledge to everyday examples
Physical and chemical properties

Some materials are insulators of heat. This means they do not allow heat to travel through them very easily. Some materials are insulators of electricity. This means that electricity cannot travel through them.
Aim and starter
27rh October 2017
Chemical properties
Chemical properties are different from Physical properties. Chemical properties describe the CHEMICAL REACTIONS THAT A SUBSTANCE CAN DO where a new substance is made afterward. For example 'burns easily 'or 'rusts'
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