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No description

Henna Singh

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Pluto

What is The Mass Of Pluto?
What is The Diameter of Pluto?
How Long Would it Take to Get to Pluto From Earth?
how long does it take for Pluto to do one revolution
What is The Planets Distance From The Sun? Earth?
BY: Henna
A Little Bit About
Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld
Pluto is smaller than earth's moon
and is also a dwarf planet!
1.30900 × 1022 kilograms
2,368 kilometers
5.8 billion km
7.5 billion km
15.1 years
how long does it take for Pluto to rotate in relationship to earth
does Pluto have any distinguishing characteristics
here is a video on Pluto
thanks for watching!
(even though you had to)
does Pluto have
an atmosphere
Yes, Pluto does have an atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of ices that form when Pluto is closest to the sun, the ices are made up of methane, nitrogen and poisonous carbon monoxide.
this is around when Pluto is closest to the sun
what type of temperature range can be found on Pluto
the temperature range on
Pluto is -233 to -223 Celsius (-387 to -369 Fahrenheit)
what type of accommodations/modifications to one's lifestyle would be necessary to live on Pluto?
people will have to have really warm jackets and have almost everything indoors or we can just slowly evolve to live on a planet like Pluto
yes, Pluto does some of the are ...
- Pluto's rotation around the sun isn't round, its like an oval shape
- Pluto has 5 moons
-Pluto is the second largest object in the Kuiper Belt
- Pluto has gotten 20% more red than it was
Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun.
A day on Pluto is 6.4 Earth days or 153.3 hours long.
a neighbor on this
planet will look like...
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