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Arts, music, & movement

No description

Willemijn van Dijk

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Arts, music, & movement

Arts, music, & movement
Visual impairments
High contrast
Different textures
Whole body experiences
Social-emotional/ behavior and intellectual disabilities
Provide clear directions
Model sharing
Model products
Allow for experimentation
Motor difficulties
Foam grippers
slant boards
Motor issues
Adapted instruments
Switch operated instruments
Have enough space available
Which movements will benefit the child?
Visual impairments
Feel and hear music
Guide through movements
Minimize barriers
Social/behavior and intellectual disabilities
Provide clear expectations
Select a variety of movements and music
Provide visual supports
Why even teach this?
Arts encourage sensory perception
Arts provide opportunities to learn to represent and symbolize experience in different ways
Children can create, build, and make things happen
Fosters a sense of community
Arts expand our world!
sponge ball brush
Physical assistance
Music and movement
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