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Do Now

No description

erika steinger

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Do Now

Read and annotate the preface independently

Using the preface, answer the following questions:
Who is the "I" in this excerpt?

What does the author mean by the term "self-satisfaction"? (consider his age and location)

Based on the preface, what do you believe the author's relationship is to the people of Odessa?
Focus Question:

How is Mike's self-perception influenced by his relationship with his father?
Do Now
Copy down the word of the day and the lesson EQ

Take out your paragraph responding to the quote "we are who we are because of our parents."
Make sure your response:
a) has a clear stance
b) provides reasoning to explain your position

Share your response with ONE tablemate, then write in your notebook: a) their stance, and b) their reasoning
Accountable Talk
Listen to what your classmates are saying
If you would like to speak, raise your hand when it is clear that the person is finished sharing
Person speaking chooses the next person to speak
Practice using accountable talk stems
Tuesday, November 18th
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