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How to minimise your carbon footprint?

ENGLISH Unit 3: Going Green - What can we do? (group presentation)

Nikita Verhaegen

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of How to minimise your carbon footprint?

reduces landfill waste
lowers environmental contamination
conserves scarce natural resources

old fridges
modern fridges


polyester energy saving features & energy saving habits

water saving features

the size of garbage bins home furnishings

the use of renewable sources How to
FOOTPRINT Nikita Abderrahim Amin Ahmed * * * What can we do ? Content of this presentation definition of eco footprint

elements on which the calculation is based

true or false?

ways to minimise our carbon footprint

questions * * * * Definition of eco footprint the amount of
the Earth's energy
that someone
or something uses ecological footprint Elements on which
the calculation is based (1) the climate zone you live in

the location of your house

your house inner city - suburb - rural the size - recycled materials or
other green design features * * * Elements on which the calculation is based (2) second hand
made of either recycled/sustainably produced materials . . . Elements on which the calculation is based (3) Definition of carbon footprint a measurement of
the amount of
carbon dioxide (CO2)
that someone's
activities produce * * * the use of bio-products

obtain of food

your diet * * Elements on which the calculation is based (4) * vegan - vegetarian - omnivore - carnivore * * Elements on which the calculation is based (5) number of kilometres you travel
per year for each mode of transportation * True or false? "Recycling paper, tin cans, plastic and glass bottles helps to reduce CO2 emissions." True or false? "Ditching your old refrigerator and buying a modern, energy-efficient one is not a worthwhile measure to consider." True or false? "Buying cotton T-shirts instead of polyester ones is good for the environment." True or false? "You can help reduce the effects of global warming by eating less beef." True or false? "In order to go on holiday from London to Naples with three people, making the journey by car is more nature friendly than going by train." Ways to minimise our carbon footprint (1) *
* the collecting, sorting and reprocessing of waste use more power *
* less CO2 emissions per day
contain coolant and insulation foam * washed at 60°
tumble dried
ironed * washed at 40°
dried Ways to minimise our carbon footprint (2) direct energy costs
burps and farts of cows greenhouse gas *
* assuming 3 people travelling together Questions? "REUSE
RECYCLE" thank you for your attention
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