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The Challenger Sale

No description

Casie Goldstein

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Sale

Taking control of the conversation
[insert date and presenter name, title, company name as applicable]

Today’s Agenda
Today’s competitive marketplace demands a different conversation
What’s different about the Challenger Sale
Teach, Tailor and Take Control
Insights to grow your business (and theirs)
Key take-a-ways

Why should an advisor work with you?

What is your process?

What makes you different and unique?

What is your value proposition?

Sound Familiar?
Advisors see a lot of sameness….
Why should someone work with you?
What is your desired outcome?
What kind of sales person are you?
There are five clear seller profiles
The Challenger Wins
Core and High Performer Distribution, by Seller

A Differentiated Approach
Rationale for Developing “Challenger” Skills
High Performers exist in all profiles, but are

more likely to be Challengers

Distribution of High Performance by Sales Rep Profile,
Simple vs. Complex Sales

Facing more complex sales
Builds on
a foundation
to create an
experience advisors will value

The Challenger Sale
Use “commercial insight”
to gain attention to an unforeseen problem

Use insight to
advisor’s perspective to see opportunities & gaps

HOW we add value: Commercial Insight
From features & benefits to teaching: Dental appliance example
How the challenger sale guides a valued advisor experience
It’s not WHAT you sell, it’s HOW you sell
The ‘Challenger’ profile is the dominant profile of High Performers
Use Nationwide Financial insights and solutions to challenge your advisors and grow your business:
Are your advisors protecting their clients’ portfolio from the likely risk of an unfunded healthcare event not covered by Medicare or their health plan?
Are you/your advisors missing out on Business Insurance Market opportunities?

Are you ready to
challenge your next sale?

[Insert Presenter Name]
[Company Name]
[Contact information]
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