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The Giver Internal and External Conflicts

This project consists of internal and external conflicts including Man vs Man, Man vs Self, Man vs Nature, and Man vs Society

Jaci Land

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of The Giver Internal and External Conflicts

Man vs. Self
As Jonas is giving him the memory, "He [is] not aware of [it]; but suddenly he realized that it was becoming dimmer, that it was sliding through his hand into the being of the newchild" (121).

Taking the pills.

Does not know if he will like his job.
Man vs Self
Man vs Self

Discussing the process of release with his father
After the Giver shows the tape of the release to Jonas, he doesn't know if he should talk about it with his dad.
The memories
Jonas is now understanding all the memories and he starts to struggle with knowing things that other people don't know.
His emotions
In his journeys he sorted his feelings,"But he began, suddenly, to feel happy. He began to recall happy times. He remembered his parents and his sister. He remembered his friends, Asher and Fiona. He remembered The Giver" (180).

Man vs Man
Beginning- Genie
Man vs Man
The Giver Conflicts
By: Jaci, Genie, and Keyshawn
Man vs Man
Man vs Nature
Man vs Nature
Man vs Nature
Man vs Community
Man vs Community
1. As Jonas' wisdom and memory grows he has a hard time understanding what "release" is and that it actually means death.
Man vs Community
Beginning- Genie
Animosity towards his dad
Jonas holds anger towards his dad in the end for voting for the release of Gabe.
Jonas recently found out that Rosemary was the Giver's daughter and he felt bad that he had to put his child through pain and see her be released.
When his parents thought he was taking the pills, he actually had been disobedient because, "He had not taken the pills, now, for four weeks" (133).

When they skipped him during the ceromony of twelve.

Angry at Asher for playing "war" because asher did not knowing what it meant.
He had a hard time accepting that the society was so

The comunity always did what they where told.

They did not argue with the
giver and his advice, "And when [he was] called by the Committee of Elders, [he] appear before them, to give them counsel and advice"(107).


Jonas dealing with new emotions and seeing color
Jonas also had a conflict with his family not knowing what love is because when he asked if they did they stated, " Jonas. You, of all people. Precision of language, Please!"
The outside conditions
"He hugged Gabriel and rubbed him briskly, warming him, to keep him alive. The wind was bitterly cold. The snow swirled, blurring his vision" (181).
Jonas had only received the memory of pain from the Giver, but when he was outside the community he really lived them.
Feeling cold first time when the giver gave him the memory of snow.

He felt extreme heat when he gave the memory, "Then it ended. He opened his eyes, wincing with discomfort. "It hurt," he told the man, and I couldn't get the word for it. "It was sunburn," the old man told him." (90).

He crashes in the cold snow and breaks his leg.
Jonas decides to be his own person.
"If everything's the same, then there aren't any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things" (101).

Jonas' beliefs about the community.
Jonas is in discord with the community because he thinks the people are at a disadvantage.

Jonas does not like the fact that everything is the same from being able to not see colors or the consistent climate
As Asher started to play the malicious game Jonas started to notice it looks a lot like the terrible memory he saw
The Giver is a book that contains many conflicts amongst oneself, nature, and a community of people who feel no emotions and are all the same.
Jonas discovers many things about the community, his self and others.

He also found out there was a lot more to life than he had know.

Although some things did not go as planned he was set free.
"The Giver Literary Conflict Storyboard By: Rebeccaray." Storyboard That. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2016.
2. The Giver has conflicts with transmiting memories to Jonas because he doesn't want to hurt him
The conflict of the novel man vs community occurs when Jonas' new assignment in the Community as the Receiver of Memories causes him to question the restrictions imposed on the society by the Elders who controls everything.
2. The conflict was man vs. community because after Jonas heard about all the dark secrets and truths of the community, he wanted to rebel and change the communities.
1. Jonas struggles with nature when he has to withstand the malevolent cold and rain when he escapes the community
3. Another conflict is when the 8s were riding bikes but they couldn't. "This is a reminder 8s can't ride bicycles, please report yourself for apology.
2. When Jonas was given the memory about the elephant.
When Jonas was arguing with his dad over gabes release
3. He also had conflict with nature when he had the memory with war.
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