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Trees To Comic Books

How exactly do you make a comic book out of simple materials?

Feven Banyard

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Trees To Comic Books

bristol board
pencils with
different sizes of
lead You need sketch pad Step One Draw your characters (use your sketch pad) Step Two Once finished your
characters, scan them
into the computer. Step Three Open up
Photoshop to
color your characters Step Four After all this is complete,
print your art and start
shading Step Five Move on to making
your cover (photoshop
and bristol board needed) Feven Banyard Step Six Staple your comic
book along the spine stapler By Trees To
Comic Books the End! Lead:
Lead is an element on
the periodic table of
elements. It is number 82,
beside thallium. Did you know? Blue ink is a solution/
homogeneous mixture. Did you know? Many types of paper are
mostly carbon. They also
contain wood pulp, fibers,
and rags. Fun Fact: Common staples are made
of steel. Most people think that
steel is an element, but it isn't!
Steel is an alloy(a mixture of 2 or
more metals), which is made by
mixing carbon (C) and iron (Fe)
together Getting Started!
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