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SDD Presentation

As required.

Sam Fung

on 14 March 2010

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Transcript of SDD Presentation

SDD Presentation the problem aka the aim aim is to create a calender:
store notes on dates
some form of notification purpose aka the reasons project ties in with my ipt project
which is a website
implemented on website
allows easier identification of
events and updates
to-do list for the date(s) aka the essentials basic computer + peripherals photoshop hardware + software define python py calendar is it feasible? no costs associated with the building of this project
hsc work
for church and if there's time.. create some form of login system:
only specific people can edit specific dates
clock gantt chart prototype plan py calendar clickable dates to open notepad to type notes/events/updates etc current date clock (if there's time)
notice the pun? scrollable months to go back and forth type notes here, like you normally would notification button
if you require notification
unsure whether sound/popup as of yet the end
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