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Open Social Mobile Learning

No description

Dolors Reig

on 8 October 2010

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Transcript of Open Social Mobile Learning

Dolors Reig. social media consultant, social web innovation teacher. HTTP://WWW.DREIG.EU/CAPARAZON 4 billion subscribers, more than two-thirds of whom live in developing countries. 6 October 2010 open SOCIAL learning Learning in complex environments requires flexibility and an exploratory aproach mirror neurons - empathic civilization
networks - emergence theories
honest signals - sociometry
collective intelligence
ways to be together cognitive surplus
social surplus
creative surplus
Wikipedia was created in 1% of time spent yearly by Americans watching TV all work is derivative,
all books are hipertextual,
all ideas are free... "The Internet is not about empowerment of new leaders, it is about the empowerment of everyone” http://www.dreig.eu/caparazon Thanks! abundance of knowledge,
abundance of opportunities to collaborate, technology, multimedia abundance blogs, wikis, social networks, greek "agora", GLOBAL conversation
digital divide?
participation divide "In five years the best education will come from the web" Open Social Mobile Learning We´re moving from a world full of questions with a few answers to a world full of answers where we have to make us the correct questions.
Technology, not Ideology,
changes the world

Aldous Huxley Mobile-WEB
ubiquity - Cloud computing
Augmented reality “Mobile phones are misnamed.They should be called ‘gateways to all human knowledge.”

Ray Kurzweil Mobiles are"Curiosity Amplifiers"(John Seeley Brown) "140 caracters literacies" microlearning, small screen display, learning bites -just in time, real time learning.
-location based, "ubiquitous learning"
-expanded, augmented reality
-informal learning
-auto (DIY) - learning Serendipity (under development at MIT), set our social networking profile to alert us whenever we’re near an expert in the topic of our choice.

Perhaps the future role of learning is to find, organize, and enable the experts? Levinson m bile web FACTS Describing traditional studies as "place-based" and inefficient, he forecasts that university education will become five times less important within five years, with online lecture sources picking up the reins of enlightening youth. the kind of media is no longer important smartphones learning web learning What if education
What if the web
What if our brains (our cognitive surplus) would be opened? social is more important than ever the web as a knowledge, research platform learning and PARTICIPATION PLE teacher, facilitator, curator -36% of internet traffic in the USA is spent on online news.
-14% of this is from mobile phones.
-for 70% of 16 - 25 youth, mobiles are the most important media. The kind of media is no longer important (Marc Bressel, Microsoft) as a technology that could change the world learning is also changing... quality... quantity... OPEN licenses... DANGEROUS apps operators
dependency bits are free OPEN MOBILE LEARNING successful networks
based on human motivation
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