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An Introduction to Prezi

No description

Tara Chill

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of An Introduction to Prezi

This Is The Prezi Canvase. Double Click Anywher To Jot Down Your Main Ideas In Prezi Have You Guys Seen This Program? It's on Prezi.com
Cool Right? Let's Learn More About It. Click On A Text And You'll See The... Transformation Zebra Use the inner circle to move objects Use the middle circle to resize objects Use the outer circle to rotate objects The plus sign is whew you control layers and get help Use the Frame
tool to group
your sections. See the grey circle?
This is a frame. Frames can be visible or not visible
and they can be circular or squared. I think the final cool thing about Prezi is
that you can really get creative with it.

For example during that whole presentation
you were in the tummy of a penguin. The
End SIZE! And add details to develope them. If you need more space just drag the canvase. You Create Hiarchy With Zoom in on indivdiual points
to create emphasis or add detail When your ready to add images... Click Insert On The Bubble Menu. Then simply select a frame or text with the
path tool and it will automatically adust the
order and zoom of your presentation. To present your Prezi click on the show
bubble and it will remove the grid and
bring you to a place that looks like what
you see here.

Just use your left and right arrow keys to
move forward or backwork in your presentation.
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