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Carter Adcox

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Batman

Batman the origin In May of 1939, in the 27th issue of Detective comics (later known as DC Comics) , the caped crusader made his public debut across the nation. In November of that same year, Batman's origin story was written in issue 33 of Detective Comics . He was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane In this issue, young Bruce Wayne(Batman's secret identity)'s parents,Thomas and Martha, were killed by criminal Joe Chill when leaving from a movie (often depicted as The Mark of Zorro) Bruce swore on his parents' death that he would avenge them by warring on the criminals that covered the streets of Gotham In order to complete this task, he trained his mind and body to a peak And thus, the legend of Batman was created Villains Gadgets Vehicles Costumes
he trained across the world studying martial arts and criminology Bruce trained for many years amongst only the best senseis on this planet and the mysterious Ra's al Ghul After years of training Bruce returned to Gotham to accomplish his goal of ridding its streets of crime After his first nightly patrol, Bruce returned to Wayne Manor seriously injured and Alfred remedied him along with his injuries, Bruce felt he lacked a presence while he was thinking, a bat suddenly crashed through the window His next suit included pointed ears, cape and bulletproof material he wore an utility belt that held his arsenal of gadgets that were developed by Wayne Enterprises every costume he has worn since then has had those same general features Batman played by actor Adam west in the 1966 TV series Batman batman in the first issue of his own comic book batman in his first appearance Batman as he appeared in The New Adventures of Batman Batman in the comic book series Batman and the Outsiders Batman portrayed by Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton film, Batman Michael Keaton returns as the role of Batman in Batman Returns Batman's appearance in Knightfall Batman portrayed by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever George Clooney plays Batman in the film Batman and Robin Batman as he appears in the mid-evil period in Batman Dark Knight of the Round Table The Batsuit goes through a few futuristic changes and into new hands as Terry McGinnis becomes the new protector of Gotham in Batman Batman in Batman Gotham Knights Batman in the 2004 animated series, Batman Batman's appearance in the animated series Batman the Brave and the Bold Batman as portrayed by Christian Bale in the Christopher Nolan film, Batman Begins Batman in the Dark Knight batman in the video game Arkham Asylum Batman voiced by Kevin Conroy in Batman the Animated Series Batman in the animated series Batman:The New Adventures Batman in the sequel to Arkham Asylum, Arkham City Batman as he appears in The Dark Knight Rises The Batmobile Batboat Batpod/ Batbike Batplane/ Batwing/ The Bat Batrocket The Batmobile is Batman's car that has may features including rocket launchers, batcomputer, auto-pilot system, all-terrain tires and many more. The Whirley-bat The Batmobile as it appears in the 1980's Batman film series The Batmobile, referred as the tumbler, in the Dark Knight film series the Batmobile as it appears in the 1960's Batman TV show the whirley-bat is a light-weight aerial vehicle that use a propeller in a similar way that a helicopter uses one the whirley bat as it appears in the comics Batman's main aerial vehicle that wields a similar arsenal to the batmobile but goes under many names The Batwing The Bat The batplane Batman's quick vehicle on the road that has guns and a side car for Robin The batbike in the1960's Batman TV series The batpod in the Dark Knight series Batman's aquatic vehicle which can both jet on the surface of the water and dive down to the depths below the batboat in the 1960's television series the batboat in the New Adventures of Batman The Batrocket in the comics The batrocket is Batman rocket propelled space vehicle Sources Batman holds most of his gadgets in his utility belt, but others in the batcave grappling gun batarang smoke pellots handcuffs batcomputer freeze grenade These are projectiles that he uses to stun opponents and to break objects Batman's large database that holds criminal files, chemical components that he studies, news reports and many more in the batcave Batcave Robins Remote Electric Charge A weapon which shoots electricity through air to shock enemies and activate electric technology A grenade which releases cold air capable of freezing when it explodes A gun which shoots a hook attached to a steel cable to help Batman go from rooftop to rooftop and grab objects round capsules that release smoke when acted upon by force that help confuse opponents and help Batman escape help capture opponents and keep them contained This is batman's hideout underneath Wayne Manor that holds his costumes, vehicles, trophies and more Batsuits all of his suits (with gloves, cape, cowl, and boots, etc.) . vehicles The batboat, batmobile, batwing, etc. Trophies Armory Where Batman keeps all his gadgets Where he keeps his trophies such as a robotic dinosaur (from Dinosaur Island), a giant Joker card, Deathstroke's sword, and a giant penny (from Two-Face) These are some of the most villainous and well-known criminals Batman has faced Joker Penguin Catwoman two-face Bane Scarecrow Riddler Mr.Freeze Clayface Name: Unknown Powers: None He was once a chemist and a failing comedian who turned to crime in order to get money. he lead a gang as the Red Hood in a robbery at the Ace Chemicals plant. Then, Batman swooped in to stop them and in the process, the Red Hood fell into a vat of toxic waste. His hair turned green, his skin white and his lips red, with the appearance of a clown. He has now set of to commit crazy crimes across Gotham in his mission to corrupt and cause mayhem. Name: Harvey Dent Powers: None Once Gotham DA, half of Harvey Dent's face was splashed with acid by a mob boss in court. His new half-scarred face bent his physique, now obsessed with duality and halves. He now commits crimes involving the number 2. Name: Basil Karlo Powers: Can change his appearance and transform his body into any shape Basil Karlo was an actor who grew furious when he wasn't recast in the remake of the film The Terror because of his aged appearance. To defeat the problem, he uses Miracle Cream to renew his appearance. he once used to much and his whole body was taken over by it. He uses the cream to change his appearance to commit crimes all throughout Gotham Name: Edward Nygma (E. Nygma) Powers: None Edward Nygma was abused as a child by his father who said he wasn't intelligent. To prove his intelligence, he studied hard for his school's trivia bowl. After that he, still felt a need to show everyone how smart he was and used his childhood passion of riddles into this. To show how smart he is, he turned to crime leaving a riddle to puzzle the G.C.P.D. and Batman. Name: Victor Fries Powers: Immense strength, high-tech cryogenic weapons. Victor Fries was a world renowned cryogenics scientist. His wife Nora became ill with a rare fatal decease and Victor put her into cryogenic hibernation to give him time to find a cure. But the the company, GothCorp, whom Victor was using the resources from, pulled the plug and in the process, Victor turned into cold-blooded and his body needs a temperature of -0 degrees. He has made a suit that supports his necessary temperature, increases his strength, decreases his aging and insulates heat. He also wields freeze grenades and a freeze gun. With this equipment, he commits crimes to get resources and money to save Nora one day Name: Selina Kyle Powers: None Selina Kyle was an orphan who grew up on the streets of Gotham. She held her own by robbing and mastered martial arts to complete her cat burglary skills. She has away with cats, especially her cat Isis whom she uses as help in her robberies. She has a cat of 9 tails whip which she uses to reach things whether grabbing it or swinging to it and to attack people. Selina has a love-hate relationship with Batman Name: Dr.Johnathan Crane Powers: has fear gas which makes the inhaler's fears appear to them. Johnathan Crane was interested in fear as a child and loved to scare pigeons in his youth. In college, he studied psychology and became a professor at Gotham University. He used his chemistry skills to create a toxin which makes the inhaler's fears appear to them. When he was found out to have used his students as test subjects, he was fired. He used his gas to get revenge on the man who fired him. He uses his gas for research purposes and for his own sick amusement. Name: Unknown Powers: Immense strength from Venom Bane was born in a prison in South America. As a child he only has his osito (teddy bear). His morals were made by fellow prisoners who told him it was better to be feared than respected. Bane was a test subject for a steroid called venom. The test was successful and bane broke out using it. Bane is a national terrorist and came to Gotham to prove himself as a criminal. He did this by breaking Batman's back and releasing the inmates from Blackgate. Name: Oswald Chester Cobblepot Powers: None Oswald Cobblepot was bullied as a child due to his short and stubby stature, being compared to penguin. his only friends were the birds at his mother's bird shop. as he grew older, he became a big part of Gotham's black market. Cobblepot became a crimelord, being a guns dealer and controlling the mob. He currently owns the Iceberg Lounge, a hot spot night club in Gotham. He claims he has turned away from crime, he has used the business to orchestrate crimes Richard Grayson First Appearance: Detective Comics #38 "Dick" Grayson was the son of John and Mary Grayson. He participated in his family's acrobatic act in the Haley Circus. At one performance, which Bruce Wayne attended, Two-face murdered his parents leaving him an orphan. Bruce Wayne adopted him. When Dick found out about the Batcave, Bruce decided to make him a crime fighter. He trained him physically so he could pack a punch and to use his acrobatic skills to his advantage in the war against crime. Created by: Bob Kane, Billfinger, and Jerry Robinson As Dick grew, he became more independant and eventually moved to the neighboring city Bludhaven to fight crime as Nightwing. Dick, before he became Nightwing, was leader of the Teen Titans, passing down the mantle of Robin. He was also in a relationship with Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl). First Appearance: Batman #357 Jason Todd Jason Todd was an orphan who lived on the streets of Gotham. He made a living by taking and selling car parts. He once saw the Batmobile in an alley and took it as the chance of a lifetime. As he took the second wheel off the car, Batman appeared. He took the troubled child under his wing as a second robin. Bruce beleived Jason could channel his anger in his crime fighting, but his anger issues didnt change. He broke Batman's code by using a gun and once even killing. Created by: Jim Starlin In one of Joker's schemes, he kidnapped Jason and beat him with a crowbar in a warehouse. Afterwards, Joker blew up the warehouse with jason inside. Batman was too late and felt Jason was his greatest failure. in memorial, he left Jason's suit on display in the Batcave. In a while, Jason was brought back to life by one of Ra's al Ghul's reviving lazarus pits. He came back to Gotham under the mantle of the Red Hood. In this alias he attempted to fight crime again, but this time through violent actions and by controlling it. Jason died again, when attempting to kill Joker in a bomb explosion. Tim Drake First Appearance: Batman #436 Created by: Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick Tim Drake was a young detective who was in the audience of the circus performance in which Dick Grayson becomes an orphan. He had deduced their secret identities and asked Bruce if he could be the next Robin after his parents' death. He trained hard in acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat and perfected his cetective skills and soon donned the role of the third Robin. After the events of Knightfall, Tim went solo and became Red Robin to fight crime. Damian Wayne Created by: Grant Morrison First Appearance: Batman #655 Damian Wayne is the son of Talia al Ghul (daughter of Ra's al Ghul) and Bruce Wayne. He was genetically perfected in one of Ra's al Ghul's labs. He was trained to kill by the League of Assassins. The existence of the child was unknown by Bruce until he was given custody of the child. Damian's violent ways created conflicts between he and his father. Damian died a hero when he was killed by an aged clone of himself. Without these websites, this presentation wouldn't be possible. Wikipedia.com Wikia.com
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