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MSLEAP Format for Analysis Essay

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Christopher Adams

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of MSLEAP Format for Analysis Essay

M.S.L.E.A.P. Format for crafting the Analysis Essay
Overall Paragraph Structure: Break the essay into two to three chunks for analysis. Therefore, the student will create 2-3 body paragraphs which will focus on a specific chunk of text.

"S" is for "Strategy." What prominent communication strategy does the author use in that specific chunk to communicate the message to the reader? Any method the author uses to communicate is a strategy.
Introduction to essay should include the following:
1. Title of the work and author
2. Overall purpose of the piece
3. Road-map two to three strategies the author uses to communicate her main message.

"M" is for "Message."
What is the author's most salient message in this chunk? What does the author most want the reader to understand? Does that message have sub-components?
"L" is for "Language"
What specific language does the author use to bring the strategy to the reader? Be sure to instruct students to use short and brief quotes rather than long quotes that erode the student-writer's voice.
"E," "A" and "P"
Stands for explaining the "Effect" on the "Audience" and how that relates to the author's overall "Purpose." This is a crucial step that many students will drop if not emphatically reminded.
Instructors can help students with this crucial step by providing the stem: "By using this strategy the author hopes the audience will think...feel...do...This will help the author achieve her overall purpose of..."
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