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Should Britain reintroduce the death penalty?

This projects looks at the basic of the death penalty the aims and purposes etc. It also looks at how it is applied in other countries such as America and Japan.

Jessica Myers

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Should Britain reintroduce the death penalty?

Babylon now named Iraq United
Kingdom Japan California The Hammurabi code is one of the
oldest code of laws written.
It was written by Hammurabi himself and
displayed how even the smallest of crimes
could be sentenced with
the death penalty “if anyone steal the property of a
temple or court,
he shall be put to death,
and also the one who
receives the stolen thing
from him shall be put to death.” The traditional form of execution
in Britain was hanging. Should Britain reintroduce the death penalty?

A presentation by Jessica Myers Where did the death penalty come from? The death penalty can be dated back
to 1750BC to a city called ...... So what is the death penalty? “The death penalty is when the government takes a person’s life as a punishment for wrongdoing. The legal term is ‘capital punishment’. The word ‘capital’ comes from the Latin word, caput, meaning ‘head’ – lose your head and you lose your life.” hjhg This displays how thousands of years ago it was acceptable to have severe punishments. This demonstrates their beliefs of what is right and wrong. But today people have different opinions of
what is right and what is wrong, and a belief that the
punishment has to reflect the crime So should a murderer be sentenced to death for his crime? However if it was to be
reintroduced then how
would we be able to stop
wrongful convictions? There are many
different answers to
this question. For
example, in Britain
51% of the people
support the death
penalty If the death penalty should be reintroduced then when does it become acceptable? For a rape? a murder? a kidnap? a terrorist threat? Russia Afghanistan Thailand Vietnam Indonesia North Korea Mongolia Malaysia Egypt Libya Nigeria Chad Congo Oman Singapore Guinea Saudi
Arabia Syria Uganda Ethiopia Zimbabwe Cuba Dominca Qatar Baharia Bangladesh Belarus Belize Botswana Guatemala Guyana Jamaica Jordan Iraq Kuwait Iran Lesotho Somalia South Sudan Sudan Taiwan Pakistan India Yemen United Arab
Emirates Florida Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Missouri Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Kentucky Virginia Louisiana Oklahoma Arizona Nevada Utah Colorado Kansas Oregon Idaho Washington Montana Wyoming South Dakota Nebraska Ohio Pennsylvania MaryLand New
Hampshire Delaware 9 countries have it for exceptional crimes,
such as crimes committed under military
law or in war time. And 35 countries have passed a de facto
ban on the death penalty which gets rid
of mandatory death sentences and allows
the judge to take into account mitigating factors. However.... However,
all those countries still legally have the death penalty. Currently there are 58 countries in the
world which have the death
penalty as a legal punishment. The Death Penalty around the WORLD 5 crimes that are eligible for the death penalty 1.Murder, with certain
aggravating circumstances 2.Attempted murder of a
government or public official 3.Attempted murder of a person
carrying out
justice or a preliminary investigation 4.Attempted murder of a law
enforcement officer 5.Genocide China Texas Texas, executes more people than any other state.
Since 1976 Texas has executed 491 people. Virginia has executed 110 people since 1976 The last time somebody in Britain
was executed was in 1964 There are 13 different crimes that can receive the death
penalty in Japan however in practice it is usually only
used for murder cases. The 1997 law lists 68 different capital crimes, as follows: 7 crimes of endangering national security, 14 crimes of endangering public security, 16 crimes of undermining the socialist market economy, 5 crimes of infringing upon the persons and the democratic rights of citizens, 2 crimes of encroaching on property, 8 crimes of disrupting the order of social administration, 2 crimes of endangering national defence interests, 2 crimes of corruption and bribery, and 12 crimes of violation of duty by military personnel
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