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Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule

Law book report. First attempt at using Prezi..incredibly complex.

Ellen Ha

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule

Kiss Me, Kill Me Ann Rule Publisher: POCKET BOOKS Inc. Publishing Date: December 2004 Protagonist AKA Victim#1: Sandra "Sandy" Bowman, 16 December 17, 1968 - Date of murder + sexual assault
- Body discovered at 11:30PM by husband
- Wrists bound by cords made of draperies
- 45 stab wounds on front & 12 on back
- ±37-39 wounds fatal Victim#2: Mary Annabelle Bjornson, 21 January 4, 1969 - Date of disappearance at ±9:00 P.M.
- Last heard at 8:45 P.M. when door closes March 20, 1969 - Date of body found on snowbank(nude)
- Strangulation by hands
- Void of her pink dress + shoes Victim#3: Lynne Tuski, 20 January 25, 1969 - Date of disappearance at ±9:00 P.M.
- Last seen walking in snowstorm towards
car March 13, 1969 - Body discovered on foothills of Stevens Pass
- Had been sexually assaulted & strangulation by ligature Victim#4: Connie Stanton, University student February 21, 1969 - Date of disappearance presumably with John Canaday February 22, 1969 - John Canaday strangled her but she lived
- Released from captivity in John's house
- Had been brainwashed with Stockholm syndrome Suspect: John Canaday, 24 February 22, 1969 - Date of arrest along with the release of Connie Stanton March 20, 1969 - Date John Canaday gave detailed report
- Charged with attempted rape of Mary Annabelle Bjornson, first degree murder of Mary Annabelle, rape of Lynne Tuski and first degree murder of Lynne Tuski
- 55 years on one murder conviction; decision of Sentencing Review Board approved= consecutive 45 years + sentencing for lesser crimes
- STR PCR testing revealed he also murdered Sandy Actus Reus + Mens Rea = Crime Actus Reus:
First Degree Murder: charged for Mary Annabelle, Lynne Tuski and Sandy Bowman
Attempted rape: Mary Annabelle Bjornson
Rape: Lynne Tuski, Sandy Bowman
Mens Rea:
General intent: While attempting or after the rape, if they had screamed he strangled them. If Lynne Tuski had not screamed, John Canaday was about to let her go and Connie would've died if it weren't for her capability to last long without oxygen. What Happened? January 4 1969 - John Canaday told Mary Annabelle that his car had problems to get her out of house
- She got in car, and he bound her wrists with rope
- John Canaday attempted rape
- Mary Annabelle screamed resulting in him strangling her
- He threw her over snowbank
- Stripped her and burned her clothing

What Happened? January 25, 1969 - John Canaday cruising around Sears parking lot when he spots Lynne Tuski
- Stops her and asks for directions
- John got out of car and threatened her to go with him in car
- He bound her wrists then raped her in backseat
- Intended to let her go but she screamed
- He strangled her by ligature
- Repeated what he did with Mary Annabelle and threw her over the snowbank
- Burned her clothing in parents fireplace What Happened? February 21, 1969 - John Canaday convinced her to go on an quick errand
- Bound her wrists once she got in the car
- Unexpectedly was gentle to her sometimes
- Attempted to rape + strangle her
- John Canaday had brainwashed her with the Stockholm syndrome
- Connie avoided death because her throat muscles and arteries are configured differently
Summary Of The Book Sandra "Sandy" Bowman's 16 year old body was discovered by her husband, Tom Bowman on December 17, 1968 on the bed laying in a pool of her own blood, wrists bound (deep grooves indicating it was tied tightly), and her clothing almost entirely ripped off from her body--in addition, she had been sexually assaulted. Despite all the suspects that could've murdered Sandy, not one of them matched the fingerprints nor bypassed the polygraph test and so her case was on hold. Two weeks later, following her death was the mysterious disappearance of Mary Annabelle Bjornson, 21 years, and three weeks after that, Lynne Tuski, 20 years. The suspect was a man named John Canaday who had been caught with the release of the captive, Connie Stanton. His methods were strangulation, stabbing, and rape. He revealed the location and how Mary Annabelle and Lynne Tuski had been murdered and a total of 36 years past before DNA testing allowed Sandy's murderer to be found: John Canaday. Sandy Bowman Case Linda Clow Trial Similarities • John Canaday is found guilty and has to serve 100 years in prison + 1/3 of his time in prison

• Sentencing: No death sentence or parole

• His appeal was denied • Linda is found guilty and has to spend 6 years in prison

• Sentencing: Manslaughter with parole

• Her appeal was approved • Murder weapon: Knife -- Not found Legal Aspects - John Canaday pleaded "not guilty" because of mental irresponsibility
- M'Naghten Rule: Criminal must have known the differene between right and wrong during the time he committed the act
- Doctor in the defense said he was deemed a psychopath
- Doctor on the cross-examine revealed that he was sane during the time The murder of Sandy Bowman The disappearance of Mary Annabelle Bjornson The disappearance of
Lynne Tuski December 17,
1969 Two weeks
later Three weeks
later The disappearance of Connie Stanton with suspect The discovery of Lynne
Tuski's body leading to discovery of Mary Annabelle's body seven days later Date John Canaaday was arrested February 21,
1969 March 13,
1969 February 22,
1969 Technology allows the police to perform DNA testing John Canaday formally arrested with the murder of Sandy Bowman 36 years
later September 2,
1969 Timeline Leading To Resolve Of Sandy Bowman Case Opinion The author's message was very clear and the seriousness of the case got me engaged quickly. The only fact that had gotten me confused would be the sentencing for John Canaday because the book followed the United States laws and not the Canadian law.
I love this book because, although the laws featured in the book was not Canadian law, the other cases are equally as interesting
This is the type of book that I would recommend to others because even if it's not the genre that they would regularly read, the intensity will enslave you into continuing. Thank you for viewing
this Prezi!
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