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Copy Sharing Cultures

A presentation investigating Digital Sharing Cultures using ABC Pool as an example. The intended audience is the third year Digital Media students at Sydney University.

Jonathon Hutchinson

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Copy Sharing Cultures

Content Sharing Cultures Jonathon Hutchinson It is many things to many people Contact hutchinson.jonathon@abc.net.au
02 8333 1308
http://jonathonhutchinson.com A way for People to connect
User-led Innovation
Participatory Editorial
Open participatory Process Questions? What is Pool? Who Uses Pool? Students
Media Professionals
ABC Staff
Participatory Audiences
Passive Audiences Creative Community
Engaged Community
Media Producers
Collaborative Online Space
Audiences as Co-Creator Open Platform
A New Way for the ABC to Find New Audiences Original Image by ACID 2009 Original Image by ACID 2009 Why do Pool
members Contribute? There is generally no remuneration
No physical exchange
So why do they actually do it? “Their motivations may be purely personal and expressive; they may be driven by a desire to form and participate in communities of interest; or their participation may be entrepreneurial in nature (building an audience, aspiring to a career)” (Burgess & Banks 2009: 299) Gift Economy vs the Moral Economy? Or is it something else? The “moral economy refers to the social expectations, emotional investments, and cultural transactions that create a shared understanding between all participants within an economic exchange” (Henkins & Green 2009) "The concept of produsage highlights that within the communities which engage in the collaborative creation and extension of information and knowledge ... the role of consumer and even that of end user have long disappeared, and the distinctions between producers and users of content have faded into comparative insignificance." (Bruns, 2008) Pool members are taking part in a broader cultural conversation/development process
The exchange could be described as personal brand building?
There is co-creation of what might be considered cultural artefact production How does this co-creation
exist within Pool? CC BY NC & SA What are the opportunities and challenges
presented through this practice for the ABC? Opportunity:
Creation of new media and meaning Opportunity:
Co-creation between media
professionals and UGC audiences Opportunity:
The national broadcaster becoming
an 'in' valve and not just an 'out' valve Opportunity:
The ABC strengthening its role as a
broader cultural developer and not
just a capital "B" broadcaster Challenge:
Members having issues with other members:
"X has put a "derived from" link to my work and has
explained that he has incorporated it into his work. However, I'm
uncomfortable about it being used in this way" Challenge:
Commercial tensions with the ABC Co-creation Produsage Here we begin to see something other than
an economic exchange between producer
and consumer Creative Commons provides a tool
to work within this model, legally "Creative Commons is an international non-profit that provides
free licences and tools that copyright owners can use to allow
others to share, reuse and remix their material, legally." ccAustralia How does this activity translate into Archive material? Challenge:
Legal and editorial muddy waters
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