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Outsiders Graphic Organizer

No description

Amanda Kinney

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Outsiders Graphic Organizer

The Outsiders Idea Tree Greasers vs. Socs The Plot Thickens Lessons Learned Appearances do not always portray what someone is feeling on the inside. Where you come from does not have to define where you are going. Family is the backbone to your life, whether that family is born to you or your friends around you. After Johnny's death, Ponyboy is lost. He meets Randy and realizes that the Socs and Greasers are more alike than they thought. The two gangs fight and ultimately the Greasers win the last rumble, but lose Dally. The courts decide to allow Ponyboy to live with Darry and they agree to no longer fight. Ponyboy finally comes to grips with the losses of his friends and begins to write a term paper (which is the novel itself) A Fitting ending After Johnny kills Bob, he and Ponyboy run away to a country church. Johnny leaves a cigarette butt unattended. The church catches on fire with children inside. Runaways Realizing that there are kids trapped, Ponyboy and Johnny rush in to save them. Their heroism is short lived as Johnny is now in the hospital with injuries sustained during the rescue. The Heros The Greasers and the Socs are two rival gangs that live on opposite sides of the same city. Both groups fight regularly. Ponyboy Curtis and his brothers, Darry and Sodapop are orphans after their parents died in a car crash. The gangs clash one night, and Johnny, a greaser, kills Bob, a Soc Introduction The greasers
- Long, tuff, Greasy Hair
-White T shirts
-Didn't own much
More like brothers than a gang Differences Greasers
-Sandy Key Characters They are all teenagers who dislike each other because of where they are from. Cherry even says that everyone was equal and saw the same sunset. Both groups are constantly fighting each other. Likes I think the main idea of the book the Outsiders is not judge people by where they live, what they wear, or what kind of car they drive. but to judge them by who they are as a person. The Socs
-Madras shirts
-Had cars
-More of a gang than brothers Socs
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