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BeA - Change mgmt framework

No description

Lauranne Coelst

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of BeA - Change mgmt framework

Activate your change GPS
How will you reach your destination?
Decide on the characteristics of your change project.
In close collaboration, we (BeA and you) will design and present an approach tailored to your needs.
Understand your location
You are here
You have reached your destination!

You have successfully guided your organization through a road map of changing surroundings.

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Be prepared
Who is driving?
Select the right sponsor
Who is riding along?
Define target population, key stakeholders & leading coalition
Choose your destination. Create common vision.

--> Focus on WHY we need change. Create burning platform and sense of urgency

Develop common
change language
Make decisions concerning your journey:
Which road to take? The shortest, the fastest, avoid toll roads,...
Create awareness about the goals, the resources and the possibility of resistance
Prepare your line management
Keep your driver focused - engage your sponsor.
Prepare your itinerary
On the basis of the analysis, BeA, together with you, will propose a change road map

First Step
What does our activated GPS tell us?
What did the analysis reveal?

Present the data to management and afterwards to different target audiences.

Goal: encourage feedback on results
Step 3
- Define company specific change activities (blogs, training, business games,...)
- Link every activity to the chosen change model
- Consolidate into change road map
- Change project plan
- Communication plan

Step 3
Move into the right direction
Goal: keep everyone on the right track! Keep the platform burning

- Recurrent evaluations
- Discussion platform
- Sponsor messages
- Technical trainings

... custom made to the target audience !

Keep it fun & inspiring: online movies, quiz, blog on the progress of your roadmap,...

your GPS
Obstacles on the road:
- Resistance
- Unforeseen circumstances in project
- ...

Methods & theories
Analyze the current situation by means of questionnaires and/or face to face interaction.

Create sense of urgency
Develop change vision and the strategy
Communicate for understanding and buy in
Communicate for understanding and buy-in
Don't let up
Empower others to act and produce short term wins
a new culture
Change setter
Change game
Project management
Don't let up
Appreciative Inquiry
Coaching on base of solution focus
World cafe
Open space technology
Communicate for understanding and buy-in
World cafe
Open space technology
Second step
Future search
Change setter coaching board
Graphic facilitation
Change setter coaching
future search
Graphic facilitation

Insights discovery profile
Insights team effectiveness
Pull together the guiding team
Change setter
Developing the change vision and the strategy
World cafe
Open space technology


Change road map

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