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The Basics

No description

Heather Carroll, PhD

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Basics

Course Syllabi
English 098

The Class and The Prof.
English 098

Section 1: MWF 8:00-8:50 Rm 164
Section 5: TR 2:25-3:40 Rm N029

Office Hours: TR 1:00-2:00
Rm. S028

Heather Carroll, Phd
Why am I taking this class?
Eng 098 is a composition course focusing on the conventions of academic writing, the composing process, critical thinking, and critical reading. Emphasis will be on reading and writing activities designed to prepare students for successful transition to college-level writing. 3 non-degree credits.
What makes a good college student?
Official Learning Objectives:
Rhetorical Knowledge
Critical Reading
Academic Writing
Research Skills
Composing in Electronic Environments
Knowledge of Conventions
Let's make it a great semester!
PS Everything (well, almost everything) here can be changed if we are moving faster or slower than expected. We should all be flexible. Come to class and look on D2L for updates.
Don't let me be lonely during office hours. Come have tea with me.
Keep In Touch
I'm online a lot. I expect you to be too.

Every day check your UWC email.
Every day log on to D2L.
Our Course Website
To be better readers, writers, and college students.
Rhetorical Knowledge
Make choices as a writer that are appropriate for the stated demands of a specific writing task and situation
Use the right language, formality, and tone for the situation at hand. Save the texting language for your phone.
Critical Reading
Identify, analyze, and evaluate the main point(s), key supporting points, and supporting evidence in an assigned nonfiction academic text
Making judgements about what you read. Determining what it means in a larger picture.
Academic Writing
Organize a cohesive academic essay that develops and supports a thesis with specific, relevant evidence from nonfiction course readings.
Make an argument in writing. Back it up with information you found by reading.
Research Skills
Begin to understand the features that characterize particular kinds of sources and that demonstrate a text’s credibility
Decide when a reading is a good reading to help you make your argument.
Generate multiple drafts of an academic text by adapting process according to the requirements of a specific assignment
Make your work better after others have read it and given you comments. Be willing to use comments to help you develop.
Composing in Electronic Environments
Demonstrate a basic competency with the technology and tools needed for composing an academic text and college-level learning.
Use Microsoft Word. Learn to use its features, including the "review" feature.
Knowledge of Conventions
Make progress toward following academic writing conventions based on the context, purpose, and level of formality of a college writing assignment.
No one is born knowing how to write for college classes. Everyone has to learn how to do it.
What sort of stuff do we do in this class?

For a full list of learning outcomes check out the course website
go to the content section
What textbook will we use?
McWhorter, K. (2012)
In Concert: Reading and Writing.

- standard textbook
- etextbook
-"looseleaf" edition
A Word About Technology...
I prefer to be paperless.
All out of class assignments will be uploaded onto D2L.
Check your email and D2L daily. (And I will too.)
Back up your work. (Computers issues are not an excuse for late or missing work.)
What kind of homework will we have?
short writings
informal reflection papers
formal academic papers

How long do the papers have to be?
Reflection papers: 1 page
(can be creative)
Formal papers: 2-3 pages
(must follow academic conventions)
Due Dates for 1st drafts of Formal Papers
essay one: 2 pages
due Week 4
essay two: 2 pages
due Week 7
essay three:/analysis paper: 3 pages
due Week 11
essay four/synthesis paper: 3 pages
due Week 14
Final Portfolio
ie Your Final Exam
Make a final revision of all 4 formal papers.
Write a cover letter to introduce your writing, reflect on your growth, and state where you would like to continue to improve.
due during our final exam time:
Dec. 16 10am
all formal papers will go through peer review, be revised, and be turned in again.
Formal Papers 60%
Essay one 5%
Essay two 10%
Essay three 20%
Essay four 25%
Final Portfolio 10%
Reflection Papers 15%
& Short Writings
Class Involvement 5%
(in class writings, discussions)
Teacher's Pet "apples" 5%

Teacher's Pet
Come to class on time................2
Come but arrive late....................1
Upload writing on time.............2
Finding examples...........................2
Visiting office hours....................2
Commenting on D2L message
*For a max of 100 "apples" (points)
Grading Scale
A 93-100
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62
F 59-0

Ds do not get degrees. You must earn at least 73 points ("C") to pass. If you do not pass you will be required to repeat the course.
This is a non-degree class. The grade, while important for moving on to English 101 and for your financial aid status, is not part of your GPA. You will receive a grade in PRISM.
Repeat (R) Grades
Sometimes students complete required coursework with satisfactory effort but still have difficulty reading and writing at a college level. Those students are eligible to receive an R (repeat) grade instead of a failing grade. An R grade is reserved for students who are making progress but need to enroll in the class again to develop the skills necessary for taking degree-credit courses. To receive an R grade instead of an F or D, a student must a) complete all essays and the final portfolio; b) submit most homework assignments; c) attend class regularly; and d) actively participate during in-class activities
If you have to
take this class again ...
... do it right away.

You need to pass this class before earning 30 credits.
Will we ever meet outside of class time?
Toward the end of the semester there will be required one on one conferences with the teacher. You will get individualized feedback on your writing and have an opportunity to ask questions.
You will be required to make an appointment with a writing tutor to work on your final portfolio.
***Dec 3-11***
I will be out of the country on a research trip. That does not mean that you are completely off the hook. I will let you know the plan closer to the date. Some possibilities:
another teacher will meet with you
you will use (some) of that time to meet with writing tutors
I will post a video lecture and give an assignment.
Policies, Guidelines &
Other Important Stuff

The UW Colleges-wide assessment program was established to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum, programs, and services of the institution. The institution-wide assessment activities focus on analytical, quantitative, communication, and aesthetic skills because they are of primary importance in the general education of our students. I will let students know in advance if work in this class will be part of an assessment, and I will use the final portfolio for the institutional assessment. Any institutional, departmental, or campus assessment of your work will not affect your course grade.
I think what we are doing in this class is important. You probably also think that. But if you do not come to class, everyone (even you) will eventually notice that the class doesn't seem so important anymore. I encourage you to come to class, and to come every session.
If you come to class, you will be rewarded with Teacher's Pet's points. If you miss more than 2 weeks worth of class (6 absences for section 001; 4 absences for section 005) you will receive a failing grade (barring unusual circumstances, like a zombie attack.)
Make up work
If you miss class and need to make up an assignment, please check D2L. Or contact a friend in class.
If you miss in-class writing assignments because you were not in class, you are welcome to complete them on your own, but they will be included in Teacher's Pet points rather than your class involvement grade.
Academic Misconduct
Academic misconduct includes plagiarizing, a problem that is very common in writing courses. The consequences are very real. You can read all about it at the link above. We will learn how to avoid plagiarizing in this class, but always come to me if you have any doubts about your work.
Incomplete Grades
In the UW Colleges, an incomplete grade is available only if a student cannot complete a limited number of major course requirements at the end of a semester because of emergency circumstances (such as a serious illness). Students who have excused absences earlier in the semester should submit required makeup work before the last day of class. A student taking an incomplete grade will have one semester to make up missing assignments; however, students should complete required makeup work as soon as possible, preferably before the next semester begins. A student cannot enroll in ENG 101 until successfully completing the required coursework for ENG 098.
Special Accommodation
If you have a disability that will in any way affect your work in this class, please let me know so that I can work with you. Follow the link above to make sure you have your request on file with the college.
Also, Judy Becker in Student Services (judy.becker@uwc.edu)
would like to talk to you to make sure
that if you need special parking,
or any other services, she can
arrange them for you.
Respect for others
I expect that there will be times in class when students disagree with each other, and with me. That is acceptable, expected, and makes class interesting. We are all expected, however, to disagree with each other with respect. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated in this classroom.
3 tardies is an absence
Laptops, Tablets & Phones in class
I wouldn't ban pens because you might pass notes, I'm not going to ban phones because you might text.
You are not in high school. Don't act like it.
Tweeting, texting, checking Facebook, managing your Etsy store should all be done outside of class.
Take notes, check a fact, find an example.... Technology is awesome. Don't abuse it.
Religous Observances
By official UWC policy, you can be excused from class in order to observe religious holy days. If you have a religious celebration that conflicts with class you must notify me before Sept 16. I will provide you with work you can complete on your own to earn you attendance and class involvement points.
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