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Getting Grammar

Types of Sentences

Jennifer Kissas

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Getting Grammar

Who or what
Simple subject: one noun or pronoun
Ex: Bird or Bluejay
Complete Subject: simple subject
with all modifiers.
Ex: The singing bird
Verb: action or being
Ex: Flew
Complete Predicate: verb and all its modifiers.
Ex: flew away from the man.
Basic Parts of
Complete Sentences
Makes a statement; ends with a period.
Ex: The dog barked all night.
Asks a question; ends with a question mark.
Ex: What time did the dog start barking?
States a command or strong request; ends with a period or exclamation point.
Ex: Go check on the dog.
Expresses strong emotion; ends with an exclamation point.
Ex: You're a bad dog!
can stand alone as a complete thought.
Ex: It's fun to go to Disneyland.
Independent Clause:
Dependent Clause:
needs more to complete the thought.
Ex: If we go with close friends.
Simple Sentence
: has one independent clause.
Ex: Allison likes to sing.
Complex Sentence
: has one dependent and one independent clause.
Ex: Although she is very quiet, Allison likes to sing.
Compound Sentence
:has two independent clauses joined by a conjunction or a semicolon.
Ex: She is very quiet, but Allison likes to sing.
Compund-Complex Sentences
:has two independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.
Ex: Although she is very quiet, Allison likes to sing and she takes a dance class every Thursday.

Activity Time
Getting Grammar: Chapter 2
Sensible Sentences and Categories of Clauses

By: Jennifer.K and Elena. H

Information used from Getting Grammar
by Donna Hooker Topping and Sandra Josephs Hoffman.
1. Serve Your Sentence
Types Of Sentences
On your index card, write your name at the very top. On each line write one exclamatory sentence, one interrogative sentence and one imperative sentence,
Ms. Kissas
What are you doing after school ?
Pick up the paper now!
Wave goodbye to Ms. Luzzi.
Index card example
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