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The Snow Goose

No description

tara mc cabe

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose
By Paul Gallico
The Setting
This story is set on the marshlands on the coast of Essex.It is a lonely peaceful place.With a salty smell from the water and the seaweed.You can hear the waves crashing against the walls.
Rhayader is a disformed man in his 30s who lives in a abandoned lighthouse with only his paintings and flocks of geese.He has talent for painting and enjoys painting geese.

Fritha is a teenage girl who lives in the village she hasnt any parents and loves birds.
The Plot
Rhayader lived in the marshlands on the coast of Essex in a lighthouse he loved painting and taking care of birds,he loved sailing on his boat on the channel.One day a young girl named Fritha came to the lighthouse with an injured snow goose.She was scared of him.He quickly mended the bird and gave her food.They named her "The Princess of Perdue"meaning the lost princess.They soon became friends and the snow goose soon mended.They then built a sanctuary for all of the birds migrating.They soon became friends.
About Author:
Paul Gallico
Paul William Gallico was born on the 26th of July 1897 in N.Y. He was an American novelist. Many of his works were adapted for motion pictures.He was best remembered for The Snow Goose.He sadly passed away on the 15th of July in Monaco,France (aged 79)
Snow Geese in Flight
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