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Vitamin B5 Presentation

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Katie Lynn

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Vitamin B5 Presentation

Pantos = Everywhere Water Soluble Vitamin Adrenal Support Metabolism Gimme Some B5! Functions THE ANTISTRESS VITAMIN Widely available in foods but is lost during processing.
Stable to moist heat , but destroyed by acids, alkalis and dry heat.
Good Food Sources:
Organ Meats Dried Beans
Brewer's Yeast Peanuts
Egg Yolks Green Peas
Fish Sweet Potatoes
Chicken Cauliflower
Whole Grain Cereals Mushrooms (cremini)
Cheese Avocados Individual needs vary and there is insufficient data for an RDA. Vitamin B5 Functions as a part of Coenzyme A (CoA) to support the adrenal glands in production of cortisone and other adrenal hormones
These hormones fight stress and enhance metabolism
May reduce toxic effects of radiation and antibiotic

Allergies, headaches, arthritis, psoriasis, insomnia, asthma and infections have been treated using Vitamin B5 as adrenal support Pantothenic Acid Deficiency is unlikely due to its wide availability in foods and production by intestinal bacteria sources suggest:
Minimum needs are likely to be 25-50mg
50 - 100mg is a good range
Individuals who have a diet high in processed foods, have a stressful lifestyle, are pregnant or lactating, or have allergies require higher amounts of pantothenic acid
250-500mg taken twice daily "Anybody want a peanut?" EXCEPT in individuals with a highly processed diet or reduced intestinal flora (often due to antibiotic use) Deficiency Symptoms:

Fatigue Insomnia
Depression Reduced Immunity
Poor Digestion Worsened Allergy Symptoms
Hypoglycemia Skin Problems
Loss of nerve function Numbness and Tingling ADRENAL SUPPORT



HEALTHY SKIN AND NERVES Along with other B vitamins, plays critical role in converting fats and carbohydrates into energy:

As coenzyme A, pantothenic acid is important to cellular metabolism of fats and carbohydrates to release energy
CoA is important in the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol, steroids, sphingosines and phospholipids.
Also helps in production of hemoglobin Fat Metabolism Future research will focus on the Vitamin B5 and fat metabolism.
Plays a part in chemical structure and transportation of fats. Pantothenic Acid is an essential part of providing energy for our bodies and supporting the adrenal glands in stress management.
It is readily available to us in whole, unprocessed foods....so eat a mushroom already and get your Vitamin B5 on!
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