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Kaylin Lee

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of FlyingP

Flying Post First Nation
What is one cause of this problem?
People are using too much fossil fuels when they heat their homes or drive a car. We need to prevent the overuse of fossil fuels by conserving energy and using energy efficient appliances. Burning too much fossil fuels can worsen the air quality and the health and well-being of everyone. The First Nations people will have a higher risk of illnesses from breathing in the polluted air as they mostly stay outdoors to hunt, fish and gather food.
How does this negatively impact their health and well-being?
Forest fires release more greenhouse gases into the air because trees have carbon dioxide in them and when they die, that carbon is released back in the atmosphere. This can cause or worsen respiratory problems such as asthma as the air is getting more polluted. Also their valued water sources that they use as a drinking water source and food source can get contaminated.

What is Flying Post First Nation?
Flying Post is a First Nation community in Ontario. Their Chief is Murray Ray. They live on a reserve in Nipigon, Ontario. They value the Nipigon river and Black Sturgeon River for their source of drinking water.
What's the current problem?
Temperatures are rising due to climate change. This will cause sea levels to rise and more natural disasters to occur such as floods, droughts and forest fires.
What is another cause?
How will this affect the community?
- the First Nations People will have to learn to adapt to the changing climate
- they will have to change their way of life because some of the plants they rely on might die off or get killed by forest fires
- severe droughts will dry up the rivers they value for their drinking water and food sources
- they won't be able to go hunting and fishing as often because the temperatures are going to be too hot and humid for them to stay outside for a long period of time
The greenhouse effect will become enhanced as more fossil fuels are being released into the air. The greenhouse effect naturally warms the Earth, but with the excessive amount of fossil fuels, the Earth will feel much more warmer than usual. This will cause an increase in temperatures.
What is another cause?
“CLIMATE CHANGE IS URGENTLY AFFECTING THE LIFE OF FIRST NATIONS ACROSS NORTHERN ONTARIO – ONTARIO REGIONAL CHIEF CALLS ON GOVERNMENT TO ESTABLISH AN IMMEDIATE NORTHERN CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT STUDY.” Chiefs Of Ontario ICal, www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/news_item/climate-change-is-urgently-affecting-the-life-of-first-nations-across-northern-ontario-ontario-regional-chief-calls-on-government-to-establish-an-immediate-northern-climate-change-impact-study/.

“Flying Post First Nation.” Wabun Tribal Council , www.wabun.on.ca/first-nation-profiles/flying-post-first-nation.

PDF document

The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources CIER. “Climate Change and First Nations.” Climate Change and First Nations, 2008, pp. 1–122., doi:http://www.yourcier.org/uploads/2/5/6/1/25611440/climate_change_and_first_nations_south_of_60_-_impacts_adaptation_and_priorities_-_full_report.pdf.
The project that they are currently working on can be another cause of climate change. They are installing pump stations, roads and natural gas and oil pipelines on the reserve. They will need to pave the roads using machines that may release more fossil fuels in the air. Also if one of the pipelines burst then it could pollute the water or air.
This is a building on the reserve
This is a comparison between the natural and human enhanced greenhouse effects
This is where the Flying Post First Nation reserve is located in Ontario
This is the Chief of Flying Post
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