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Spring Welcome and Transition Program

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Beth Groman

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Spring Welcome and Transition Program

Helpful Resources for New USF Students
Spring Welcome and Transition Program
Welcome to USF!
Still have Questions or Concerns?
A large piece of the USF puzzle is related to technology. Email, My Cougar Connection, and Blackboard are primary means of communication between the university and students.
University Technology Services
Involvement = Success
Getting Involved in Campus Life
You made it! Now that you're here, it's time to get settled in at USF. This presentation will guide you though some of the resources and services that are available to assist you in your success! After all, we WANT you to be successful!
You've registered for classes.
Do you have your books?
The Campus Shoppe bookstore is open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. Visit
to check out your options for buying new or used books, renting books, or purchasing e-textbooks. They also have some pretty sweet USF gear!
Classes start Monday, January 14, 2013.

But first, here's some helpful info for you...
Academic Support
Student Academic Support Services, also known as SASS, is located in the Pope John Paul II Center, Suite 210.

Services available include:
Academic Progress
Testing Services
Disabilities Services
Graduation Audits
Tutoring is available both in person and through an online program called SmarThinking, accessible through Blackboard. Tutoring information for courses, including days and times, is available at
The Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP) program exists to assist students facing potential academic challenges. Students participate in MAP when admitted directly into the program or when placed on academic probation. SASS works with students to provide the tools and information necessary to have a positive academic experience.
SASS offers a variety of testing services to students and faculty, including make-up testing, testing for students with accommodations, and test proctoring for faculty.
USF provides coordinated services for students with disabilities through the Student Academic Support Services office.

To receive services, students submit appropriate documentation of disability. Accommodations are provided on a case by case basis to provide access to academic programs. There is no cost to the student.

Contact Tricia Bugajski, Director of Student Academic Support Services, for questions regarding disability services or accommodations, and/or to submit disability documentation.

For more information, visit
All students need to complete graduation audits the semester before the person intends to graduate. The purpose of the graduation audit is to verify that all requirements for graduation have been met.
Library Resources
The Vann Library is located inside the Pope John Paul II Center (PJPII). It is home to a collection of over 68,000 volumes, including more than 450 periodical subscriptions in a variety of subject areas.

During the semester, the library is open during the following hours:
M-Th 7:30a - 10p
Fri 7:30a - 5p
Sat 10a - 6p
Sun 12 noon - 10p

Holiday hours and library closure information are made available at the circulation desk and by visiting
Need help?

Librarians are generally available to meet with students between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Fridays.

To meet with a librarian, stop at the main circulation desk and ask to speak to a librarian. No appointment is necessary. The main circulation desk is located on the 2nd floor of the library.

Not on campus?
* Ask A Librarian 260.479.5001
* Text A Librarian 260.479.5001
Ask a Librarian and Text a Librarian services are available:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
My Cougar Connection
Blackboard (Bb)
Help Desk
Online Orientation Resource
Each student is provided an email address that serves as a primary contact for the university. Typically the email address is the student's last name followed by his first and middle initial.
John Q. Smith would be smithjq@cougars.sf.edu.
Students are provided with a password and should create a personal password as soon as possible. In addition, students are encouraged to enroll in the password protection program which allows them to reset their password.
My Cougar Connection (MCC) is an online information source that is catered to each student. Once logged in (using the same username and password as email), students can access personal information:
Finances - including billing information and financial aid
Academic information - including grades, GPA calculators, and unofficial transcripts
Advising and registration information - including advisor name(s) and contact information, as well as the online registration system
Campus Life information - including upcoming events, success resources, and campus involvement information
Most classes utilize Blackboard, which is accessible at
. Students are automatically placed in the Blackboard courses associated with the classes for which the student is enrolled. Some faculty utilize Blackboard for communication with students while others use the functions in Blackboard more exhaustively.

If you are unfamiliar with Blackboard, check out the resources available at
or visit the Help Desk, located at the Second Floor Circulation Desk in the Vann Library (Pope John Paul II Center).
The Help Desk is available to assist students with technology-related problems. Requests can be made by emailing
, by calling 260.399.7700 ext. 6027, or by visiting the Help Desk at the Second Floor Circulation Desk in the Vann Library (PJPII).

Student resources are available at
. Find information on syncing your smart device with campus technology, and find information on various technology resources.
A more exhaustive overview of University Technology Services is available at

Contact the Help Desk with any questions or concerns.
Real World Experience
Center for Service Engagement
Career Services
Through classroom assignments, one-time volunteer opportunities, spring break service trips, service learning travel courses, and long-term relationships with community partners - our students become involved in service!
Research shows that students who are involved outside of the classroom are much more likely to be satisfied with their collegiate experience than their peers who are not involved. Satisfied students tend to persist to graduation. Because we want you to graduate, we also want you to be involved on campus! We believe that your involvement will increase your satisfaction with USF, but we also believe that USF will be a better place because of you!
Student Clubs & Organizations
With over 30 student clubs and organizations, we believe there is something for everyone! The Student Handbook has a listing of student clubs and organizations (online: sf.edu/sf/campus). Visit the Director of Student Activities for more information.
Can't find something you are interested in? No problem! Each year, students create and propose new student clubs. The Student Handbook provides instructions on how you can propose a new club, organization or group.
Visit the Center for Service Engagement in person or at
and find:
Community service needs in the Fort Wayne community
Courses that offer service learning experiences
USF's community partners, including various agencies, organizations, and other non-profits.
Updates on short-term and on-going service opportunities
Sign up to receive a bi-weekly e-Newsletter for information about upcoming and urgent service opportunities by emailing
Begin with the end in mind...

Career Services works with current students and USF graduates to assist students with career preparation:
Career Assessment Indicators (in other words, assessments that figure out what you are good at and what jobs that might be right up your alley);
Career Counseling;
Resume Writing Assistance and Review;
Mock Interviews;
Securing an Internship;
Job Search Assistance.
Meaningful Connections
Stay Connected!
Like us on Facebook:
University of Saint Francis - Fort Wayne, IN
University of Saint Francis Student Government
Student Activities Council
Paw Print Student Newspaper
USF Commuter Services
USF Center for Service Engagement
USF Intramurals
USF Campus Ministry
USF Cougars Athletics
USF Help Desk
Follow us on Twitter:
Feeling Social? We are!
You're probably already in touch with USF on Facebook or Twitter.
If not, we recommend liking University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne, IN on Facebook and following @USFFW on Twitter.

In addition to the university pages, USF also has pages that cater to specific interests. For example, if you are a commuter, we highly recommend liking USF Commuter Services and following @Commuters_USF for all things related to commuter students--events, tips, and FREE give-aways!

Check out more of our specific groups:
Contact the Student Life Office
We are glad you are here!
Helping you with this transition:
Campus Safety & Security
Emergency Assistance
USF utilizes a communication system called Connect-Ed, a comprehensive broadcasting system that alerts students, faculty and staff of weather alerts and school closings due to severe weather, power outages, and/or other conditions. The system is able to store up to six contact numbers/email addresses for every registered individual, and it sends messages to all contacts simultaneously.

To ensure that you are receiving Connect-Ed communications, you must identify which contact information you would like to utilize. You can do this through My Cougar Connection or the Registrar's Office at any point in time, or you can complete the appropriate form during the advising process.

Note: the university rarely closes; however, Connect-Ed is the best way to receive official closure information when it does occur.
The USF Security Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year -- including all breaks and holidays.

With a primary goal of maintaining safety systems and providing timely response to requests for assistance to emergencies, building access, and escorts across campus, the Security Staff works to serve the entire USF community.
Save this number in your phone right now. You never know when you'll need it!
Finding a parking space during the first two weeks of class can be more difficult than usual. Students who are enrolled in clinicals are actually on campus in the classroom at this time.

To be sure that you make it to class on time, allow yourself more time for your commute in order to navigate the parking lots.

Extra parking is available at North Campus and Trinity Hall.
Parking policies...
If you have not received your parking tag, be sure to stop by the Security Office (located in the hut behind Brookside) to get your tag;
Commuter students may generally park in any parking area that is not designated as Faculty/Staff, Handicapped or other special authorization areas (i.e. Carpool spaces, Commuter of the Week spaces, Franciscan Values in Action spaces, etc.);
Residential students are only permitted to park on the west side of campus in the student parking areas near the residence halls;
Security will be ticketing vehicles beginning the first day of classes;
Multiple tickets can result in disciplinary action, including having a vehicle towed at the owner's expense.
If you experience or witness any sort of emergency on campus, including a medical situation or otherwise, contact Security right away.
Security Escorts
Students may contact Security in the event that they need a ride from building to building, or from a building to a vehicle. Be sure to call Security at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

Note: if you feel unsafe at any point and you would like Security to be present while you walk to your vehicle, do not hesitate to call.
Maybe a club or organization isn't your forte - that's ok! We want you to get connected to USF in ways that are most meaningful to you!
Attend athletic events and cheer on the Cougars to victory! Your student ID will provide you with free admission to regular season home games. For athletic schedules, check out www.saintfranciscougars.com;
Attend Student Activities Council (SAC) sponsored activities! Most events are free or little cost to students;
Join the Student Government Association (SGA) and represent your peers to the administration, faculty, and staff;
Swing by Commuter Services activities--many take place during the day and include free on-the-go food;
Apply for a student leadership position! With positions in Campus Ministry, Residence Life, Commuter Services, SGA, SAC, and the Paw Print, there are plenty of opportunities available! (Attend an information seminar on January 31 at 5:00pm);
Submit an article, comic strip, or photography to the Paw Print Student Newspaper (email pawprint@cougars.sf.edu for more information);
Participate in our intramural program;
Become a tutor through Student Academic Support Services.
Or email Beth Groman, Associate Dean of Students
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