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Hippo life cycle

No description

Jaelynn G

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Hippo life cycle

The different
Mantis life cycle
The same
Hippo life cycle
The hippo life cycle has three stages
and it's cool and short. First,the hippo life cycle starts out as an egg in the water by its mom. The mom hippo gives birth to a single calf at once in the water. Next,after it's born it goes into the second stage and that one is called a calf and it stays in the calf for eighteen months then it goes into its very last stage witch is the adult stage. After its second stage it becomes an adult for seven to eight years. That's long!
The mantis life cycle has three stages and it's cool and short.The first stage is that it's born I don't know how long it's in that stage for then it goes into its second stage.The,it goes into nymphs like grasshoppers but not grasshoppers and I don't know how long that one was in.After the second stage it goes into the very last stage.The very last stage is adult stage and I think it's in there for a while.
They are different because they have different birth and they have different names and different ways they mate.
They have three stages and they both have adult stage
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