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Water Pollution Timeline

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Sydney Wilson

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Water Pollution Timeline

Water Pollution Timeline
Cuyahoga River
This river flows into lake Erie. The river was so polluted it caught on fire several times

The Water Quality Act
The water quality act is a law evolved around water pollution. The US has finally put water pollution into action.

Second Biggest Oil Spill
The second largest amount of oil spilled was 140 gallons of oil. Luckily the oil was cleaned up shortly after.

Point Source Pollution
The sewers were causing major pollution in local lakes. Every now and then the US government checks the lakes for chemicals.

Largest Oil Spill
About 240 million gallons of oil was spilled in 1991. Unfortunately, only about 60 million gallons was recovered.

Clean Water Act
It was twenty five years until the Clean Water Act was put into action. Once the act was put into action the government adjusted the laws so it had water pollution involved politically.

Ground Water
In 2007 fresh water was found in the ground.
Sadly, digging up the ground water too much money and the African government didn’t take the deal
Canadian Drinking Water Problems
In 2013 Canada had drinking water hazards.Water caused E coli in 8% in the water in samples of many kinds.

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