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Bombardier Beetle

No description

thames thames

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Bombardier Beetle

What do they eat ?
They are carnivorous so they eat other insects.
It likes to walk around at night to find its food, which consists of caterpillars and small insects making it a beneficial insect to have around, at a distance, of course.
Their enemies are ants,spiders,ladybugs etc .
Natural Defence

The boiling, foul-smelling liquid which partially becomes a gas is expelled from the rear, with a loud popping sound.
It wards off the predators as the temperature of the spray reaches 212 F (100 C which is boiling point of water) .
Life Cycle
Spraying Beetle
Bombardier Beetle
Bombardier Beetles live on the ground. They are partly brown and black.
They possess the ability to fire burning liquids from a specially designed behind.

Bombardier Beetle
By Ambika Singh
Bombardier beetles can be found in woodlands and grasslands where there is ground cover for them to hide under.They are found in North America, various parts of Europe, southern England and various parts of northern Africa and Australia.
The eggs are often laid in a safe location that is protected from predators, such as a pile of mud, or dead, decaying plants. Once the larva hatches out of the egg, it immediately begins a pattern of consuming food and molting.
It has an average life span of only several weeks.
These beetles have two chambers located in the abdomen, containing different chemicals that when combined, create a foul smelling spray that reaches temperatures of 212°F.
I feel i will always remember the name of an weird beetle it's so much fun to know this bombardier beetle.
See once again how it's saves himself
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