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PP: Reaching your Goal

No description

Gabrielle Kaoustos

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of PP: Reaching your Goal

How can I show the examiner that:
I have used my research information?
I have used this information to make decisions about how to make my product?
As I did more research I realised there were problems in my original plan?
I used my research information to solve these problems and came up with better solutions?
My understanding about how my project will help myself and others increased because of what I learnt from my research?
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
The Journal: 4 easy marks to get or lose!
There are two clearly separate points here.

What did you know, believe (your opinion) and understand about this topic when you started this project and what do you (1)know, (2)believe and (3)understand about this topic now?

You have had to be your own teacher during this Project.
What have you learnt about your learning style?
What have you learnt about your time management?
What have you learnt about the way you work that will make you a better learner for Years 11 and 12?
The Product...
the bit you originally thought this Project was all about
It's done :) finished and you're kaput!!

Mark your own project.
Use the Black and Red criteria sheet handed out in the previous sessions.
If you want to be sure it's perfect get a critical friend to mark it :)
PP: Reaching your Goal
Criteria D:
Students should;
•transfer and apply information to make decisions, create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal.
Criterion F: Reflect on Learning

Students should:
•reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic and the focus area of interaction
•reflect on how they have developed as a learner by completing the project.

This criterion addresses the QUALITY of ideas expressed not the quality of language used. OUCH!!!!!
It's still important!!

If you didn't actually produce a product you wouldn't have gone through this learning process.

Get it now?!?!?!
REMEMBER........ There are only 4 marks for this section and 2 dot point criteria. DO THE MATHS!
Suggestion: Use a chart with an accompanying written summary.
(see the evaluation chart for being a Bathurst driver in the
PP Research Criteria Prezi)
PP: Putting it together and making it Perfect
Students should
•demonstrate organizational skills showing time- and self-management
•communicate and collaborate with the supervisor
•demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflection.
I'm sorry I missed this weeks meeting.
My computer at home has been broken for the past few days, the disk in it has been replaced so we do not have photoshop any more. I have started making samples with paint to see which colours I could use instead. If my dad is able to download photoshop again I will definitely use it.
I will also start to draw up the design I choose onto one of the pairs of shoes.
Thank you!
Students should:
Criteria B
•create specifications that will be used to evaluate the project’s outcome/product.
Criteria E
•evaluate the outcome/product against their own specifications for success.
Criteria G:
Writing the Report.......... Believe it or not (3500 words)..... This is the easy bit :)
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