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SHaikh zayed bin sultan al-nahyan

No description

guadalupe alsaqri

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of SHaikh zayed bin sultan al-nahyan

Shaikh zayed bin sultan
my focus statement is : shaikh zayed charities and achievements..
has family and education..
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan married seven times, and
has a 19 boys and 11 girls , Educated on religious teachings that he had received at the hands of Al-Mutawa
has rewards and talent..
Won the Sheikh Zayed large number of honors and awards including: Document gold, in 1985 by the International Organization for foreigners in Geneva, scarf man for Development and Development, in 1993 by the League of Arab States, and the Sam Man of the Year, in 1988, (Man of the Year) in Paris, the Gold Medal of the Arab history in 1995 by the Association of Moroccan historians and other rewards.

Talents of Sheikh Zayed: learn the principles of war and fighting between the Bedouin, and I love riding Arabic, beauty, and excelled in falconry..
Shaikh zayed bin sultan
al-nahyan, leader of
" United Arab Emirates "
has charities ..
Is the Zayed Foundation for Charity and Red Crescent Society in the United Arab Emirates to meet the requirements of medical, educational, and social, of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to provide the necessary support of institutions involved in these activities, so that the holy city of steadfastness in the face of attempts by the conversion constant, Mall of the establishment of a number of residential projects that carry named in the occupied city of Jerusalem, in addition to a number of restoration projects in the city and a lot of his charity ..
has Achievements
Began in 1980 a program for the breeding of Arabian horses in the stables own, and succeeded in encouraging his sons to the popularity of this hobby, and buy the best horses, and follow-up races and participate in, monitor the number of awards to encourage sport horses, and was keen to organize and take care of many of racing's annual allocated Award Arabian horses for the race, dubbed Sheikh Zayed Award for Arabian horses race, and had contributed to sowing the first seeds of the sport
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