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Why do cells divide?

Intro to cell division

SPS Aloe

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Why do cells divide?

6 Criteria for life
1. Growth
Why do cells divide?
Cell Cycle: Interphase, Mitotic Phase, and Cytokinesis
How do cells divide?
It depends on the type of cell
How often do cells divide?
Why do cells divide?
Check yourself
1. Reproduction
2. Composed of at least 1 cell or many cells
3. Growth
4. Ability to metabolize
5. Maintains homeostasis
6. Responds to stimuli and adapts to environment
Check yourself
Of the 6 criteria of life which ones are closely related to cell division?
Make sure you explain your answer
2. Replace cells that are damaged or have died
3. Reproduction
Check out this video of cells dividing
Types of Cell Division
Can you draw and label the different parts of the cell cycle?
Mitotic Phase
G1: Gap 1 phase
S: synthesis phase where DNA is duplicated.
G2: Gap 2 phase
When the two cells actually divide
Complete picture of cell division
Instead of 46 chromosomes the cell now has 92 chromosomes.
Prophase: the DNA becomes more compact and the nuclear envelope begins to dissolve
Metaphase: is when all of the chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell
Anaphase: is when the chromosomes begin to separate away from each other.
Telophase: the nuclear envelopes begin to form
Remember that each cell will contain 46 chromosomes
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