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Chasing Vermeer

No description

Ron Chajmovic

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Chasing Vermeer

Chasing Vermeer
The book
Chasing Vermeer
is very interesting and exciting. When the two characters, Calder and Petra, meet and become friends the best team is made. The starting point of the novel starts when Petra, one of the main characters, check the book
. After that many coincidences begin to form. The mystery begins when a ruthless criminal steals the original painting, A Woman Writing, by Vermeer, the public goes wild. The crook sends three letters out to different people. This group of observant children decide to have three tasks. One task is find out the three people that received the letter. The second one is to find the painting. The final task is to figure out who the criminal is. With all the clues that the felon 'left' for them the crew is determined to find the painting.
Calder is a smart, and to some people strange. Calder carries around pentominoes in his pocket. Pentominoes are shapes made of 5 equal sized squares. Calder uses the pentominoes to see what is going on. Each pentomino is a letter. For example, in the book he was talking about his friend in New York, and he pulled out a N.
Calder and Petra are amazing individuals, but as a team they can accomplish anything. With Petra's visions, Calder's pentominoes, and their knowledge combined these two are ready to investigate any crime.
Like Calder, Petra is kind of an odd-ball. Petra is great at finding patterns and clues in this story. Petra has dreams about a mysterious lady who she does not know. Can this help her on the mission?
Facts About the Book
Ms. Sharpe is a customer that only wants her books shipped to her house, so Calder has to walk to her house to give her the books that she ordered. Mrs. Sharpe's house address is 780 59th Street. Mrs. Sharpe has a lot of knowledge about Vermeer, so Calder and Petra go to her and talk while still keeping the investigation a secret. One of Petra's favorite places to go is Powell's Used Books.
Theme of the book
The book
by Brett Helquist is
a mystery book about a boy
named Calder, and a girl
named Petra. These 11-year-old children are great with clues and are very intelligent. These kids see the world differently than most beings.
About Calder
About Petra
The Best Team
By Brett Helquist
The theme of this book is determination. This book sends the strong message to never give up. When Calder and Petra could not find the painting they had two options. One option was to give up and leave it to the FBI to figure out, and the other option was to continue their own investigation and find more clues. This duo of 11-year-old children had a tough decision to make, but they made the right one and proceeded onward with their quest. Knowing that continuing with the investigation on their own could lead them to more obstacles and trouble did not scare them away. They overcame these obstacles and showed the courage and determination! The proof in the text is
'She tried not to picture it. Stay positive, she said to herself.' Pg. 231.
The setting mainly takes place in the University, or U for short. The U has a middle school which Calder and Petra go to. This place takes up most of the town. Calder and Petra live 3 houses down from each other, and 10 houses down from the middle school. Petra lives on 769 Harper Ave, and Calder lives on 775 Harper Ave.
After reading this book one can learn that even in a hard situation, they won't get anything done if they give up. For example if someone gets a math problem wrong they shouldn't give up on the subject, they would just learn from there mistakes and get it right next time. This book is recommend to anyone who likes mystery and suspense books.
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