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Where I'm From

No description

John Schulte

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Where I'm From

Where I'm From

By John Schulte I'm from tomato soup and grilled cheese Bottle rocket fights and climbing trees. I'm from stomping out rain puddles, tremendous splashes I'm from Star Wars figurines and snowmobile crashes. I'm from pyromaniac hooligans, burning down fields I'm from following too close and failing to yield. I'm from stitched up faces and far off places
I'm from Georgia to Texas, Colorado to Michigan I'm from Kobe to Calais to Lord knows if I'll get back again I'm from this side of the desk and copper guitar strings I'm from Lord Stanley's Cup and
the Detroit Red Wings I'm from Montreal and Toronto - cities of hockey
All the rest of Canada and the
Great Plan "B" I'm from ninja camping over the shoulders of in laws I'm from Civil War plays and thunderous applause I'm from friends near and far - my brothers in arms
I'm from everlasting weekends and all of their charms I'm from the neon of Roppongi and the pulsating night
I'm from Ryoanji's zen garden moments - hot and bright I'm from road trips and
guitar picks and
synchopated rhythms I'm from well-groomed front lawns
and quiet subdivisions I'm from the dreams of the astronauts
still searching for God.
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