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Social Studies Educational Apps

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on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies Educational Apps

- SlideRocket EDU provides students, faculty, and teachers with a great new way to create, work together and share great presentations.This is a free app on the chrome web store. Ancient History Encyclopedia is an app on Google Chrome, it is free. The goal of this app is to promote ancient history, and to make it easily accessible for everybody with timelines, maps, drawings, and articles. American Presidents - Sit in the President's office and flip through the Unofficial Scrapbook. You’ll find tons of cool stories and new perspectives about the people who helped create our nation. Works with Apple products and costs $3.99 myHomework is a student planner that helps students keep track of classes, homework, test and projects. Compatible with Google Chrome, apple, android, and windows and is free. Geography Games are selected for kids to learn countries and continents. You have to find out where they're at on the map. Works on Google Chrome and is free. World History Time Map- An interactive map based timeline and encyclopedia for the history of the world, With over 660 maps and over 1,000 articles to go along. It is free on the chrome web store. Geography Puzzles works just like a jigsaw puzzles except on your computer. These puzzles are of the continents and of many countries.This is on chrome and itunes store for free. Stack the States- This app is for apple devices, the lite version is free, but the full version in $0.99. This app makes learning the 50 state, capitals, shapes, and flags easy and fun! Itunes U is an app made for apple and is free. Itunes U gives you access to your courses from many different schools and universities. Your teachers can upload their classes and work so students can download and complete their work. History Quiz is an apple app that is available for free. You can quiz yourself on different historical concepts. There are four quizzes, History, Greek Mythology, The United States, and the United States Presidents. Hi, our names are Ethan Brogan, Ben Zahneis, Ian Martin, and Jason Wagner. Today we will be showing you 10 apps that are educational and social studies/ history themed. Some of them help with studying, while others are puzzles, and some are games. Social Studies Educational Apps We chose these ten apps because we thought they would be the most helpful and fun for students and teachers to use, hopefully you did too.
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