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Under Armour Case Study

No description

Diana Lewald

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Under Armour Case Study

Side B What are the reasons for success for Under Armour since being Founded by Kevin Plank? What are the key components of Under Armour’s integrated marketing communications program? Advertising-Product Placement, print ads in popular sports magazines, "Protect This House Campaign," and sponsorships to popular athletes. Discuss the pros and cons of the company’s decision to use Brandon Jennings as their primary endorser for its new basketball shoe line. What are the risks/benefits of using a relatively young and untested player? Using Brandon Jennings was a great idea for marketing Under Armour's product. He is considered a rising, young, star in the basketball world. Because basketball apparel is the market segment they are trying to tap into, Under Armour wants consumers to see basketball athletes trust their product. He is a fresh face that has not been overused like some athletes who have promoted many different brands. While not all consumers will know who Brandon Jennings is on sight, true fans will recognize him. And that is who Under Armour is trying to appeal to. Using athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan becomes stale and audiences need younger athletes to look up to. Evaluate Under Armour's Strategy
to compete against brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas: By becoming a brand recognized by the NFL and branding cleats for the players, this gave Under Armour instant recognition with fans and players. They were also allowed to have the NFL logo on their product, creating a larger market to promote to. Under Armour made the right decision to enter
the market for running shoes and basketball shoes because this is the customer demographic most likely to purchase their product. Both of these sports are extremely active, and Under Armour has built a name for their products for comfort and ease without taking away from your game. I believe they could branch out to tennis in the future, but I think they should stay away from golf. While all of these are sports, golf is more a game of concentration rather than high speed and agility, and that could hurt their brand recognition. The fans of golf and tennis are not as brand loyal as that of basketball or football. Bets are not made in Vegas on the US Open like they are on the Final Four or Super Bowl. Side A Under Armour That is the question.... To Shoes or Not To Shoes? Under Armour became popular by athletes because of its unique moisture-wicking synthetic fibers. The concept of the material was to keep active individuals dry and cool while performing intense activities like exercising or practicing sports. The like of which had never been seen and was innovative causing other sports apparel companies to follow suit. Kevin Plank Creator or Under Armour in 1996 Important Factors Contributing to Growth * The fact that Kevin had a brand new idea helped with word of mouth advertising. He began by selling the product out of the trunk of his car to get it on the market. *His initial marketing plan of product placement in the Blockbuster movie "Any Given Sunday" was genius. *Starting a company from the ground floor can be costly. By getting his employees permission to forgo a paycheck to take out a full page ad in "ESPN The Magazine" helped offset his costs and get the brand image seen by over 2M readers (ESPN.com). This idea helped to launch the brand into the sports apparel category with other well-known, longer established, brands *By making their stock public in 2006, Under Armour opened a new direction for revenue and opportunity to further the awareness of the brand. *Product Placement: Having Under Armour featured in movies and on cable television shows.
*Print Ads: Full page ad in ESPN The Magazine, ads in "Runner's World,""Men's Health,"and "Shape" magazine provided credibility in the world of athleticism.
*"Protect This House" Campaign: Slogan's help with repetition to consumers to keep your product fresh and memorable. Fans were holding sign with the slogan at games, further adding to the brand image. David Letterman and Oprah, both dominating figures in the television world, have shown light on the tag-line making Under Armour a household name.
*Sponsorships to athletes also create an image for the apparel. By seeing pro athletes like Michael Phelps wearing the product, it creates an image to those that look up to him. By wearing the same product, consumers get a feeling that can be like Phelps as well.
*The global website Unser Armour has increased their sales by 18% alone in 2009. Evaluate Under Armour’s decision to enter the mainstream athletic shoe market and compete in product/market segments such as cross training, running and basketball shoes? For example, would it be better or worse to pursue golf and/or tennis instead of basketball? Why? Vs. Running advertisements in several of the most popular fitness magazines in the country provided credibility, but also showed the other leading performance gear companies that Under Armour was a force to be reckoned with. By tapping into the markets for running shoes, basketball shoes, and football cleats, Under Armour became synonymous with all sports and performance. Do you think Under Armour will be successful in entering the basketball shoe market? Why or why not? Can you think of the 2-3 biggest factors that will determine their success in basketball? I believe that Under Armour will be extremely successful in the venture into the basketball shoe market. The brand has proven itself to have quality, loyalty, and ingenuity among its apparel and products. The 3 factors that will continue its success in the basketball world is:
1.) Their endorsement from Brandon Jennings gives their product credibility among the basketball world.
2.) Hiring Eugene McCarthy and other Nike staffers who have the experience and knowledge in promoting a high profile ad campaign and endorser.
3.) Having several of the high ranking draft picks (including #1) has the anticipation and desire of the consumers to see Under Armour make it in the industry.
4.) The product is well made, it is the first of it's kind, and will create many imitators to compete because Under Armour products are the future. BUSA 208 Case Study 2 Presented by Monique Lewald *Combining their distribution of retail stores and direct
to consumer sales increased sales with their catalogs and websites.
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