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Ono Ch

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

presented by Oyunchimeg Chultemsuren
Bhubaneshwar, India in 2013 Indian Cultural Center
in Mongolia The establishment of the
Indian Cultural Center in Mongolia Information
and advertisement of
Indian Art, Culture,Education,
Science and Technology “Melody of the
Ganga River” Indian Dance Statewide Competition Indian State
and Official visits in Mongolia “India - in Mongolian
Children’s eyes” To organize conferences and events for Mongolian scientists who study India
To inform and advertise specific fields of science studied in India
To advertise Indian achievements in education and to help people to study in India
To organize Indian art performances in Mongolia The Main Objectives
of the Indian Cultural Center To support two countries’ friendliness and collaboration
To introduce Indian culture
To share Indian science achievements
To advertise Indian Education to Mongolian youths
To support other operations between two countries We organize an annual Indian Dance Statewide Competition in cooperation with the Mongolian Children’s Palace. More then a hundred selected children come from different provinces and cities in Mongolia to participate in this famous event. One of the main purposes of the Cultural Center
is to give information about the Cultural Center’s activities to the Indian state and its official delegates during their visits.
The latest significant event of the Cultural Center was the welcoming and honoring of the President of India during her visit to Mongolia in 2011. The Indian Cultural Center was established by the 13th order of head of the Art and Cultural Development Commitee of Government of Mongolia, which was signed on the 20th of January, 1992.
It was the second foreign cultural center
in Mongolia. Hindi course
at the Cultural Center About 15 students enroll in the Hindi course each year.
Of these, 2-4 students, who studied Hindi well, go to Agra, in India to improve their skills.
Students also study Indian Dance mayor in India by Cultural Center support The Indian
Cultural Center Facility The Cultural
Center’s Affiliates Indian
Cultural Center Address: Indian Cultural Center
is located in the Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic College of Production & Art. There are two rooms in this school which are equipped with modern information technologies that are used by the Cultural Center to organize its
activities. #207, the Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic College Of Production & Art, Nogoon Nuur Street, 10th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.
Tel/Fax: 976-11-350209
Email: yurajigj@yahoo.com , onoshuu@yahoo.com
www.indiancultural.mn Every year we organize the following activities among pupils of secondary schools:
Writing composition competition about India
Drawing Competition
"India in My Eyes” Poster Competition The Cultural Center cooperates with Government and Non-Government organizations such as the Mongolia–India Association, the Center for India Studies, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Association of Mongolian Students in India.
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