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No description

Joey Smith

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Homestuck

currently approximately 313 characters
at least 114 of these characters are dead
source: mspaintadventures.wikia.com
Basic Plot
four internet friends, John, Rose, Dave, and Jade, decide to play a game called Sburb
this game will ultimately bring about the end of the world
their ultimate goal is to become gods for a new universe
this is impossible and they have to Scratch the session
this leads to a whole new game session for the humans

Other Species


roxy jake dirk jane
sources: mspaintadventures.com pages 7163, 7208, and 7298
world's longest webcomic
created by Andrew Hussie
extremely complex and hard to follow

source: mspaforums.com
left- Alternian; right- Beforan
each set of trolls has their own game of Sburb (Sgrub)
Beforan trolls + Scratch = Alternian trolls
all trolls have 6 letter first and last name [ex; Gamzee Makara]
all trolls have colored blood
these cherubs were hatched on Earth
left- benevolent; right- malevolent; all cherubs have these attributes
left- calliope; right- caliborn
all cherub names have 8 letters
source: mspaintadventures.com page 7874
source: valerei.deviantart.com
source: mspaintadventures.com page 4692
sources: mspaintadventures.com pages 6999 (calliope) and 7396 (caliborn)
my favorites
other other species

the felt / the midnight crew
felt mc
mainly leprechauns, one carapacian
designed after pool balls, seem to be made of felt
named leprechauns by caliborn
itchy, doze, trace, clover, fin, die, crowbar, sn0wman, stitch, sawbuck, matchsticks, eggs, biscuits, quarters, cans
completely carapaces
designed after card suits
have their own "theme song"
spades slick, hearts boxcars, clubs deuce, diamonds droog
(main) exiles
wayward vagabond / warweary villein / wizardly vassal

peregrine mendicant / parcel mistress / prospitian monarch

windswept questant / white queen

aimless renegade / authority regulator / armaments regent
artists, characters, ships, oh my!!!
artist: syblatortue
characters: top- rufioh & tavros nitram; bottom- equius zahhak
artist: 666bot
characters: (top) rufioh nitram (bottom; l - r)
horuss zahhak, kurloz makara, cronus ampora
artist: jove-bluh
characters: (left) john egbert (right) roxy lalonde,calliope
god tiers
one must die on their quest bed to become god tier
quest bed is (usually) on their planet
can be suicide or murder
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