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MOOC-ximum Efficiency

No description

Mike Larkin

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of MOOC-ximum Efficiency

a digital digression... MOOC-ximum Efficiency Think of yourself in the classroom A wasted opportunity? And yet... Social presence matters... and yet, and yet... and yet again... Is Teaching Necessary? We live through examples of days in the traditional classroom that are duds:

The lecture or activity doesn’t inspire our students, the lesson doesn’t deeply seat itself, and the students’ boredom is physically obvious. Sometimes one feels students might have spent the day more productively on their “own”: reading or practicing the skill the teacher has for them, rather than spending that day’s precious time face to face with each other, and their teacher, in the classroom. And yet there are so many times in the classroom where the energy crackles… The laughter, the heated discussions, the pointed questions, the nods of recognition and understanding.

The teacher and students together reading the temperature of the room and responding in kind.

The lesson learned, the skill ready to be practiced, the struggle recognized and shared. John Bourne, executive director of the Sloan Consortium, an online-education research and advocacy group, says "social presence" does stem dropout rates in online programs. “There is no question in my mind, based on work on social presence over 15 years, that if you increase interaction between humans, you can increase and enhance engagement, comfort and, eventually, retention,” Bourne says

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2010/03/29/lms#ixzz2LfXQlX00
Inside Higher Ed And other times in the traditional classroom, the teacher asks if the students understand what he is saying. And sometimes the students seem to understand perfectly well without having to be told in person. They might say things like, “Your previous handout (exercise, assignment, previous lecture, the task accomplished outside classtime) covered it pretty clearly already.” Perhaps I could post my materials and let the students, and future teachers, and other future students Wiki them. Perhaps I’m not as essential to the project of their learning as I’d like to think I am. Oh, get over myself. (source: renewaldynamics.com)

(who may have gotten copyright clearance from the Catholic Church or the descendants of Michaelangelo.) I’m here on this Prezi as a social presence, and I’m not.

It’s a moderately detailed digital fingerprint.

(And rather text heavy, yes?)

You can interpret it as you will.

Back to the blog with us:
http://culturemulching.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/efficiency-and-wiki-humanism-digital-artifact-for-edcmooc/ To Conclude the digression... Social Presence Matters How reassuring it was, while taking this MOOC on e-learning and digital cultures, to see the faces and hear the voices of the five instructors, thousands of miles away in Edinburgh.

How reassuring to see one of them answer one of my questions on the forum, and another one liking one of my blog entries. (The teacher sees me!)
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