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ICT's Kaizen Journey

Kaizen Practioner Presentation

Kevin Glynn

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of ICT's Kaizen Journey

Agenda item at team meeting and at weekly, full ICT meeting

ICT Management team board tracks KPIs for ideas

Kaizen continuous improvement ideas link given top prominence on Gloria intranet

Renamed meeting room as "Kaizen" room

Automated reporting established to show KPIs by team

Makes it easier for managers to highlight KPIs to team
To drive competition between teams
ICT's Kaizen Journey
First steps
Team involvement
Kaizen processes
The future
First steps

Team involvement

Kaizen processes

The future
The team
5S and Kanban - Storeroom
One point lessons
Team boards
Generating ideas
Problem solving
Value stream mapping
On the wall in the store room

5S Project - ICT Storeroom

Sharlene Julian & Adam Street
Equipment unorganised.

No record of equipment levels.

Broken equipment mixed with usable
Too many items not used regularly.

Very little leg-room to move

Very cluttered
In the begining...
No “5S” in document production area.

Items not being returned to a “home”

Broken items not disposed of

Rubbish not disposed of

Equipment dispersed around entire ICT floor space
5S shortfalls
The room was completely emptied

Sorted into 3 piles:

Good - returned to room

Rubbish - Thrown away

Not sure - Red tagged
Red tagging
Items of value no longer required sold to staff or via Trade Me

Excess and unwanted stock red tagged and placed out for staff if they wanted it

After a set period of time, unclaimed items given away as scrap.

Kanban cards used, which give a description of the item as
well as a photo and stock level required before re-order

"Floor plan" in place to show what items are stored where
Marked areas for testing and stock

A red zone setup for items in transit

Photos to demonstrate how the room should look and how the stock should be stored

All stock is bagged and labelled and stored in custom bins and containers

Regular auditing of the space to maintain the order and tidiness of the area.

Educating all our workmates on best practice for storing equipment and using items from our storeroom

All staff to use the storeroom as an example to 5s their own workspace.

Job descriptions altered to ensure everyone is clear they are responsible to coming up with new improvement ideas
Job descriptions
Windows 7 upgrade
KCS - Knowledge Centred Support
What is KCS?
A methodology and a set of practices and processes that focuses on knowledge as a key asset.
Four key principles:
Integrate the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the problem solving process
Evolve content based on demand and usage
Develop a knowledge base of our collective experience to date
Reward learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving
KCS becomes the way to solve calls not something to do in addition.
A3 Plan Board
Problem solving


Creativity and continuous improvement (5 per cent of job, medium importance)

Promote and contribute to a team environment that values innovative thinking
Proactive focus on improving existing processes and coming up with “ideas that work”.

Seeking better outcomes for customers – “making life easy for our customers”.

Contributing new ideas and solutions for how we can do things better.
Continuous applying of 5S to keep the environment clear of clutter and easy to manage
Physical Environment
Applying 5S principles to cleaning up the virtual environment. Reduce clutter and waste.
Virtual Environment
Maintain A3 plans
Expand team boards
One Point Lessons and Training
Online A3 plans
Online One Point Lessons
Applying Kaizen to build and improve systems.

The 5Ws and One H
Problem Solving
VSM and Process Improvement
Problem Analysis
Key Metric - Number of Service
Requests handled daily
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