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The Connected Therapist: Introduction to Social Media & Professional Learning Networks

A CPD workshop for the BABCP North West Wales Branch by Richard Speight, DigiSkills Cymru Project Manager, UNISON Cymru Wales.

DigiSkills Cymru

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of The Connected Therapist: Introduction to Social Media & Professional Learning Networks

Why is curation so important online?
- Realise the power of social media as a professional learning tool for therapists
Session Aims:
The Connected Therapist:
Create a PLN
Personal Learning Network:
- colleagues across the world
- service users
- thought leaders
- professional associations
- government & politicians
- research institutions
Get involved in conferences, campaigns, conversations & careers
Conferences & Events
#CBT4Wales Conference
Join CBT
groups and associations
a way to collect & organise
resources you find online
Career Development
Shall we start one?
Latest Research
Based on a remix of "The Connected Educator & Social Media" by Amanda Anderson http://prezi.com/kxosnqih9ueo/the-connected-educator-social-media/
- Establish (or edit) social media accounts making professional connections with fellow therapists, organisations and others.
Respond to events
and others' ideas
Careful what you search for....
Sometimes adding "therapy" or "therapist" at the end can avoid the more painful results
This workshop has been created especially for you by:
In partnership with:
What next?
Your online groups:
Get recognition for this evening
DigiSkills Cymru

by Richard Speight
public services learning & working online
CBT means different things to different people
useful if you follow CBT related pinboards of interest to you
a powerful curation tool

Social media can give employees a chance to
listen to what communities are saying
and feel closer to them, often without having to leave the office.

Using social media as channel for your organisation to
just broadcast news is a big mistake.

Hearing the people that we really work for
can deepen the ways that we relate to the people we serve.

We can
identify with ‘the people’
, not just the corporate order givers.

Social media can help
you and me bring our hearts to work
. Get on your corporate home feeds for a few minutes a day and begin to know your people!"
Social media listening to relate
Support others to learn at work
- Explore the idea of curation and how it relates to your own personal learning network
Sell yourself
by showing what you can do
Join public CBT groups

added to your browser so you can pin any image you come across
= blogging site
= we

= an online journal
= like twitter but with more space
Blogs allow you to...
Expand your network
Reflect on own your learning & practice
Tell stories
Mix media by "embedding" content
(video, impage, audio, text)
Share via other social media
Union Learning Rep
Promotes skills agenda
Identifies learning needs
Organises events
Face-to-face, accredited training course
"Reasonable" release from work
Legally protected union rep
Digital Champion
Voluntary role
Not "tech support"
Promotes internet safety & security
Tackles Digital Exclusion
Online Training in own time
Links to other learning
Helps others to get online
= short public messages of 140 characters or less
= more than cute pictures of cats
= digital, sharable pinboards
= "facebook for work"
DigiSkills Cymru Project Manager
Introduction to Social Media & Professional Learning Networks
Ready to take curation on twitter to the next level?
Look out for the email that should be arriving in your inbox tomorrow morning
Responsible Use
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