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Social Media: Networking, marketing, expansion done right

Personal and professional ways to maximize potentential through social media

Kensie Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media: Networking, marketing, expansion done right

Social Media: Maximizing the impact of networking Personal Professional Twitter @kensiesmith @kensie4dusenate Share ideas, network, event planning, organizing Concise message, political news, plan of action @timesdelphic Break news, hilight articles, share information Facebook Kensie Smith Personal networking, maintain relationships, schecule and coordinate events (and of course to remember birthdays) LinkedIn
Establish professional networks, up-to-date resume, advice on advancement Website Biographial information, current portfolio, easy access to qualifications www.mackensiesmith.com Blog Reflect, report, share ideas, integrate with Facebook, Twitter www.bonjourkensie.tumblr.com Twitter Facebook Ideas for integration Foursquare Connect with companies, utilize promotions, share "tips" Why push your consumers to other sites, when they could connect all in one area?
Purposeful, strategic communication will be mutually beneficial for feedback to business and information to individuals.
Can connect with physical interpersonal communication. Events are a great way to connect with publics. Target social media influentials- they will promote the business, events and successes. Individuals trust other individuals more than companies. Establish a main brand- Dice.com as THE career hub for tech insiders
Utilize message to create specialty- a way for job searchers to get a step ahead. A hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better career. Technology professionals are younger and the company needs to cater to demographic.
Great resource for networking events and planning tradeshows
Post photos
Ease of feedback
Link to main site Facebook now commands 41% of social media traffic RSS Feed Continue and expand use. Individuals on site will utilize source Post more often, utilize networking to fullest potential Already present on Facebook, now need to have intent and own portal for connection
Monster.com Vs. Dice.com
Dicecom.aspx Blog Important tool for more "personal" feel for company's position and values Mackensie Smith for Senator-At-Large @drakestusenate jhkjhjkh
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