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E-Portfolios: iLearn Summer 2013

No description

Kami Thordarson

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of E-Portfolios: iLearn Summer 2013

Purpose and Steps

What are they?
An electronic collection of evidence
that shows your learning journey
over time.
Purpose: Personal Branding
"The overarching purpose of portfolios is to create a sense of personal ownership over one's accomplishments, because ownership engenders feelings of pride, responsibility, and dedication."
-Paris and Ayres, 1994
Two Components:
Learning and Reflection:
Step 1:
Decide on purpose - What are you wanting to show?
What are the outcomes, goals, or standards being demonstrated?
Summative Reflection and Evaluation
- include a final reflection of your learning experience
Can Include:
writing samples
research projects
observations from others
Showcasing and Accountability:
Immediate Reflection through blog entries

Document of Achievement
Organized Thematically

Summative Assessment of Learning
Audience: Primarily Internal
Formative Assessment of Learning
Step 2:
Collection of artifacts
How will you classify?
Step 3:
Reflection - Heart and Soul of your portfolio
Step 4:
Presentation and Publishing
- what do you want to make public?
- record of "best work"
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