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Amy Smith

on 5 November 2009

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Transcript of Reconstructiontitle

Reconstruction Reconstruction Plans Lincoln's 10% plan 10% of each southern state's population had to make a loalty oath in which they promise to obey federal laws
and especially ones that have to deal with slavery, and
state slavery was ileagal.
After the 10% of the population make their oath and statement the state could elect rep.s that would go into congress.
high confederate officials were removed from office Wade-Davis Bill banned slavery form the United states
The majority of the southern adult male cicizens had to make a loalty oath.
The radical rebublicans supported both this plan and theirown but the president (Lincoln) thought it was too harsh. Andrew Johnson's Plan Andrew Jphnsons's plan was very simular to Lincolns paln except...
Wealthy southerners and former confederate officials would need an official presidential pardon to recieve forgiveness. (on top of the loyalty oath
The southern states needed to repeal their secessionbefore being readded to teh country. Radical Republicans two main goals... punish the south (as revenge for starting the war)
give African Americans the same leagal rights as whites New Amendments 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United states 14th amendment Gave African Americans Citizenship 15th amendment Gave African American men the right to vote Share Cropping farmers give up some of thier crops as like a rent to the plantation owner for using part of his land
the farmers never got to keep more of their crops than the plantation owner Freedmens Bureau It's an organization that provided ... to poor whites and African Americans Food
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http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/clothing/cotton.htm>. Helping African Americans
Advantages for Being a Free African American
(V.S. Being a Slave) Limits on African Americans Rights Black Codes Severly limited the rights given to the African Americans
examples are... the right to own their own land (buy land and is owned under their name)
Black codes were passed by stae and local governments... so Black codes could vary from state to state and town to town. Sharecropping African Americans could earn some money by selling part of their crop
African Americans would have food, shelter, and some of their cropps to sell for money Literacy Test a test to test your ability to read and write
you had to take it to vote (one exception)
Most African Americans didn't know how to read or write because as a slave they weren't allowed to learn to read and write. Poll Tax a tax where you had to pay a toll to vote
most African Americans didn't have money where they could pay the toll to vote Grandfather Clause if your grand father or father was free and voted you didn't have to take the Literacy test or pay the Poll Tax
Afican Americans didn't fall under this clause because their father and grandfathers were all slaves other African Americans were alowed to serve in a political office
they could live any where in the country
could leagaly marry
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