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First day of Band

Prezi introducing the first day of band in middle school.

Mark Wells

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of First day of Band

https://sites.google.com/a/egrps.org/ms-bands/ TO EGR MIDDLE
SCHOOL BAND Welcome! WEB SITE: You might be wondering.... Who is this guy? Bottom Line: How do I get
an "A" in this class? Bring your instrument
to class every day. Pencil Planner Don't break the # 1 Rule: Anything which prevents me
from teaching, or others
from learning is not allowed. Practice. Take your playing
and writtten quizes Come to class ready to
play and ready to make
MUSIC every day. Mostest important of all:
PERFORMANCES (They are a HUGE portion of your grade) HAVE FUN.
MAKING MUSIC IS AWESOME. What will I learn? How to be a better musician. students who participate in band
have higher SAT scores. a greater percentage of band
students are accepted into college. band members get to go on trips! opportunity to participate
in an award winning ensemble. opportunites for
leadership roles Here's some more: Encourages self expression and creative pleasure
Develops an aesthetic sense
Fosters motor and rhythmic development
Promotes cultural heritage
Promotes language development
Promotes cognitive development and abstract thought
Teaches social and group skills. we're gonna play
some fun music too. and get a chance to work with
some truly great local talent. YOU WILL LEARN A LOT. YOU WILL HAVE FUN. (and no chewing gum) Water bottles are OK! Water ONLY
Please! Beginning and end of the day
instrument procedures
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