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No description

Lauren Ferona

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Ketamine

By: Duane & Lauren

Who are some famous Ketamine users?
DM Turner (official death was ketamine overdose)
John Lilley
Fat Boy Slim
Timothy Leary
Dave Benson-Phillips
What is it?
Created in 1963
odorless & tasteless
liquid or powder
A combination of stimulant, depressant, hallucinogenic, and analgesic properties
Used for animals

What are the effects?
Low Dose:
Impaired attention, learning ability, and memory
High Dose:
Delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function, high blood pressure, depression, and potentially fatal respiratory problems.
Quick Facts
1970, Vietnam War
Used in 1990's dance culture of Hong Kong.
Feb. 12, 2014, labeled as a Class C Drug
"Soon-Soon" in Taiwan.
1999, considered illegal.
What are the ingredients?

What are some common names?
Cat Valium
Kit Kat
Special K
Super K

Ketamine Hydrochloride or Ketamine HCl
During a Ketamine high
The terms during the Ketamine high:
"Special K trip"
"Baby Food"
During a Ketamine high continued
Flashbacks of the high
Heart rate and blood pressure after 10-20 minutes
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