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Niels Henrik Abel

No description

Melinda Freund

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Niels Henrik Abel

Niels Henrik Abel http://www.athene-forlag.no/images/abel.gif August 5, 1802 Background He grew up in poverty due to the economic and political problems that existed in Norway during the early 1800's. After attending the Cathedral School in Christiania for two years, in 1817 Abel sparked a passion in mathematics with the arrival of new professor, Bernt Holmboë. At the age of 16, Abel was reading university level material and texts written by famous mathematicians such as Euller and Newton. Holmboë helped Abel recieve a scholarship and raised money for him to continue college at the Royal Frederick University. Abel was sent to the Cathedral School in Christiania in 1815. Abel was born in Nedstrand and grew up in Gjerstad, Norway with six siblings. College Achievements entered school in 1821
was already the best mathematician in Norway
started studying quintic equation in radicals
thought he discovered the solution that mathematicians had been trying to get for over 250 years
however while giving a numerical example of his method to Professor Degen, he found an error in his solution Career http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Abel-kladd.jpg Abel is most noted for proving the impossiblility of solving the quintic equation in radicals when he was just 21 years old. He then toured Europe to meet with other talented mathematicians and astronomers During his tour, he also studied elliptic, hyperelliptic, and abelian functions April 6, 1829 Born: Norway Died: Froland, Norway http://www.abelprisen.no/images/verker/handskrifter.jpg http://greatestminds.tripod.com/Euler_8.jpeg http://ballyhooligan.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/isaac_newton.jpg http://www.abelprisen.no/aimbilder/dafe5e4eb3f4f4e07b37dffb8570e18f_vis.jpg/Scale?geometry=200x400 http://www.gjerstad.kommune.no/index.php?bilde=65&size=200&type=jpeg
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