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Miyata Yuji

No description

Thang Nguyen Ngoc

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Miyata Yuji

Celebration Earth
Miyata Yuji
Korea 2009 - London 2012 CELEBRATION EARTH WALK
was starting on January 1st 2009
In South Korea
Celebration Earth Walk
In Okinawa
On 15th of February 2009 Celebration Earth Walk
In Taiwan
On 17th of April 2009 Celebration Earth Day
In Vietnam
On 1st of September 2009 Everything is for the EARTH DAY!!!
For spreading the PEACE FOR THE EARTH message. "I hope that Korea and Jeju, Korea
and Japan relationship will be more friendly". (Seoul)

"Make a bright future from sad history". (Jeju Island) "Peace on our earth not only connection between human and human but also between human and the Nature". (Suri castle) "I am wishing all my heart that Taiwanese smile again in their heart". (Tainan)
"Please think the river and water, water is also the limited resource!!!".(Yilan) "We all live in same mother earth. We are all family!!!". (Nha Trang)
"Make a friendship across the country as a children, it would be more peaceful world for the Earth".(Da Nang)
"I feel that the Peace will begin from our own heart". (Ha Noi)
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