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Sex Tourism and Prostitution

No description

Kelsey Schultz

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Sex Tourism and Prostitution

Sex Tourism and Prostitution Justification Impacts Socio-cultural Socio-cultural overview
Case Studies Amsterdam
Butte, Montana Possible Solutions Amsterdam Proximity
Exposure ATAS

Amsterdam Tourist Assistance Service Overview Entertainment Not widely discussed
Pros Employment Connects Area Globally Sex tourism: tourism
where the main purpose
of at least part of the trip is to
consummate sexual relations
(Ryan and Hall) Sex tourism usually evokes
the image of older men in less
than perfect shape travelling to
developing countries for sexual
pleasures; however, female sex
tourists are predominant in some
destinations (Kenya, Caribbean islands) Sex tourists usually do not
perceive themselves as sex tourists Sex tourists include heterosexual men,
men seeking wives, single homosexual
men seeking partners abroad, young
travellers, pedophiles, middle-aged
white Western women, and couples Top destinations: the Netherlands,
Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, the
Dominican Republic, Kenya,
the Philippines, Thailand,
Cambodia, Caribbean, India,
Vietnam Sex tourism-very
lucrative industry 2-14% of GDP derives from sex
tourism in countries like Indonesia,
Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines
(U.S. Department of Justice) Global sex industry worth
at least $20 billion a year
(The Economist) For some women prostitution
is a way out of poverty Sex Tourism encompasses a large variety of activities, from spring breaks to romantic vacations to Pink tourism to prostitution. Why not openly talked about? *Facts* Case Studies Amsterdam Havana Future Trends Looking to expand Strip Clubs The rising numbers of young visitors and opening establishments are going hand in hand to the future prostitution market of the area. The rising number of prostitution is a direct effect of the alcohol consumption, along with the environment. More and more first time visitors to beaches are turning their vacations into drunken sexual experiences looking toward the local prostitutes for sex. Compensation dating Presented by:

Kelsey Schultz
Jon Yaklin
Kat Gillespie
Sarah Johnson
Iwona Pitala
Scott Cressy Legal Revenue Escort Services
Negatives Underground Economy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4noobPKAxA&feature=related Economics Using the tourism industry References Very open sex tourism trade since the 1960's
Prostituiton is legal and very
much a publically know thing Prostitutes stand in window
fronts to sell themselves It is not "accepted", but is tolerated; prostitutes pay taxes which makes it more acceptable to locals Other sex tourism attractions:
Venustempel sex museum
Erotic Art Gallery 1950's: Hotel and casino boom
270 brothels and 100,000 prostitutes
1959: Cuban Revolution
All sex work either disbanded or went into hiding 1990's: Reemergence of Havana sex trade Sex tourism is very prevalent in the city, but not nearly as accepted as in Amsterdam. Prostitution is illegal and taboo. Jineteras approach customers individually; target customers are men from North America and Europe There is no centralized system for sex workers, unlike in Amsterdam Dangerous for sex tourists due to communicable disease and STDs Benefit for sex tourists because it is less commercialized
"Emotional Labor" Political
Illegal in the United States
-Except in parts of Nevada Other governments
have it legalized
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