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Tourism- The Concept Map

Attempt at explaining the rationale behind a concept mapping exercise using Prezi. The topic "Tourism" appears in the GCE "O" Level syllabus and became the focus for a pedagogy study whilst the author was pursuing his undergraduate studies.

Arman Alluwie

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Tourism- The Concept Map

factors Globalisation Growth in Tourism Increase in Mobility Removal of Barriers economic integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, FDI, capital flows advancements, internet
connectivity technology popular culture, transnational circulation of ideas, language or accultration cultural results in the which promotes why change focus on how? observed can be through trends international domestic demand revenue and employment changing lifestyles and demand global shift in industries is due to supply faciltating attractions amneties accessibility ancillary services technological advancements which reminds me.. doesnt that sound like ? globalisation? increasing affluence and disposable income yes.. no. tourism would have occured even
with or without globalisation..
its a natural thing to travel and explore..
thus its more of a than a factor catalyst impacts on the space of the receiving country environment socio-cultural economic manali, himachal pradesh, india beas river rotung pass which is sustained by responsible management practices requires now thats a big word why dont we put it higher up the hierarchy? s u s t a i n a b l e doesn't make good sense does it? but wait.
why lines? two planning authorities non-governmental organisations tour operators visitors operating at the level of because the says so textbook
past year papers one two three literacy urbanisation
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