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Book Report: Among the Hidden

No description

Yanni Chau

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: Among the Hidden

Yanni Chau 7F06
Why hidden?
When I looked at the cover.....
the word I first saw was
Why need to hide?
Hiding for what ?
What I like about this book
What I dislike about this book
You !
2) Climax isn't special or surprising. It doesn't talk much about HOW it affects the main character
Brief Summary
1) A book that represents the unfairness of the world
2) a simple story
3) Let leaders of the world reflect on the causes of starvation in the world. Decreasing the population is not the best way to SOLVE the problem. Starvation can only disappear when the food is distributed EQUALLY.
1) focuses too much on the setting. Therefore, the start of the story is very boring and the climax comes much later
3) Ending is a bit too normal or unsurprising. as it may happen in normal life easily.

4) I think that the book doesn't deserves to be NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER
* Luke
*a shadow kid, third child
*official name given to those children who is
forbidden by the population police.
*spent his childhood hiding at home
*Luke met Jen
*Jen: *a brave girl
* took risk to come out of the shadows
by protesting at the President's house.
However, she was shot.
Luke couldn't bear his shadow life. So, he applied a fake ID, and was sent to another family. He received freedom and a new life, but it's a life belonging to others. He lost his own identity.
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